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Robust demand pushes fruit sales ahead of normal

- Retail
Fruit is still holding above 2020 and 2019 levels, but we're seeing signs of inflation pushing the fresh share of dollars higher.

2021’s strong start for fresh produce continues in February

- Retail
Fresh produce generated $5.3 billion in sales during the four February weeks. This reflects $169 million in additional fruit sales and $314 million in additional vegetable sales in February 2021 versus a year ago.

Fresh produce continues on strong growth path

- Retail
New Year's resolutions, pandemic style, are good news for the produce department.

2020: A Year Like No Other for the Produce Department

- Retail
In December, consumers’ trip frequency fell below last year’s levels, much like it had in early April, while e-commerce transactions made a return to spring levels.

November retail produce sales continue tracking ahead of 2019

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Looking toward the end-of-year holidays, 44% of Americans are worried that the holiday celebrations will cause a spike in COVID cases and over one-third are not looking forward to the holiday season as much as usual because their celebrations will be curtailed.

Thanksgiving grocery trends bring December holiday insight

- General News

Survey insights predicting planned Thanksgiving 2020 celebrations pointed to a very different holiday that included smaller …

October fresh produce gains continue at retail

- Retail
Eight months into the pandemic, the virus remains in firm control of how and where people spend their food dollar. Everyday sales have been on a slow march back to normal and restaurant transactions had come within 10% of prior year levels.

September brought strong fresh produce and floral gains, up 11% year-over-year

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While shopping patterns are normalizing, food spending at retail remains highly elevated across most departments.

Retail produce sales close out summer on high note

- Retail
Excluding weeks that were affected by the 2019 or 2020 holiday demand, everyday demand is normalizing at around 10% above year ago levels.

Retail produce sales up 5% against 2019 Labor Day, month-end budgeting

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For the week of August 30, fresh fruit and vegetable sales increased 4.7% over 2019. Frozen fruits and vegetables had a much higher percentage increase, at +17.7% but is the smallest of the three temperature zones.