United Fresh opens nominations for Retail Produce Manager Awards

United Fresh is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Retail Produce Manager Awards Program. This program recognizes 25 outstanding retail produce managers for their innovative merchandising, produce-related community outreach, increased store sales and recognition among company peers.

While the produce industry looks to connect with consumers as their lives change via technology and sustainable efforts, PMA CEO Cathy Burns stressed appealing to their emotions. Read More...
There are times when you really do need help of the counseling variety. Or someone close to you does—including employees. But when? And what kind of help? Read More...
The daily rush of buying, selling, and servicing customers—not to mention running your business—probably leaves little time for brushing up on the industry trading rules you’ve learned over the years. Read More...
The thing about the Better Break bowl is that it makes me think about how consumer attitudes toward this "better for you" substitution have changed over the past five or six years. It used to be that these swaps were seen as a sacrifice. Now they're a feature.  Read More...

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United Fresh opens nominations for Retail Produce Manager Awards

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