Florida Study echoes Georgia concerns about lack of protections under USMCA

An Economic Impact Analysis from the University of Florida warns of significant losses for the Florida fresh produce industry if the current trajectory of Mexican imports continues.

In close cases it is often better to attempt to settle a dispute rather than putting the questions to a judge or arbitrator. Read More...
Following a breach of contract the injured party is entitled to be made whole.  Read More...
The good news is that no tariffs will apply to Mexican produce coming into the U.S. The bad news is that fresh produce, and agriculture in general, will continue to be a pawn in trade negotiations. Read More...
My good friend George Szczepanski asked me to join him recently for a chat about bananas on his side project, Prodcast from the Produce Aisle. Read More...

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Florida Study echoes Georgia concerns about lack of protections under USMCA

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