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Values & Standards

Blue Book Services sets the standard for credit and marketing companies by providing the best ratings and data in the industry.

Blue Book Services is committed to providing high-quality, timely, cost-effective and accurate business information. Through the continuous innovation of our systems and processes, we have set the standard for service and information companies by providing the best ratings and data in the industry.

We address each customer with an exceptional level of reliability, respect and responsiveness. Our commitment to excellence in customer relations is upheld through the following Customer Service Standards:

Business Conduct:

The highest standards of ethical conduct are required of all Blue Book Services associates. We believe integrity must underlie every company relationship, including those with customers, suppliers and associates.

Associates will not engage in any conduct or activity that may compromise our honesty or reputation. They will:

  • Adhere to honesty as the foundation of all of transactions and interactions
  • Be respectful and courteous in all business related communications
  • Follow all rules on use and disclosure of information as outlined in the privacy policy.

Customer Experience:

When interacting with Blue Book Services, customers can expect:

  • Full and undivided attention
  • Timely attention to inquiries and concerns
  • Commitments honored by Blue Book associates
  • Collaborative efforts to meet their business needs

 Our Values:

INTEGRITY as demonstrated by:

  • Being honest and ethical in all of our business and interpersonal dealings
  • Remaining an unbiased and fair source of information and services

RESPECT as demonstrated by:

  • Treating each person and organization with the highest degree of dignity, equality and trust
  • Encouraging and empowering individuals to use their skills, talents and capabilities

TEAMWORK as demonstrated by:

  • Working together to find solutions to meet our common goals
  • Being responsible, accountable and empathetic to each other
  • Collaborating within our industry to address important issues

INNOVATION as demonstrated by:

  • Providing relevant data
  • Constantly updating products and services
  • Fostering an environment that challenges us
  • Encouraging creative thinking and action

SERVICE as demonstrated by:

  • Fulfilling our commitments
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction in everything we do
  • Striving to build lasting relationships
  • Delivering quality products and services that are accurate, timely, and reliable

By committing to these values, Blue Book Services sets a standard of excellence and leadership within the industry that rewards both our customers and our employees.

We continually seek out ways to improve our customer service performance and always appreciate your feedback. We encourage you to contact us by phone or online.