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Truck Availability Report

Truck Availability

Blue Book Services has partnered with CarrierSource to highlight the top-rated trucking companies located near primary produce shipping hubs. Each week we’ll feature a different key location. Results are sorted based on real broker and shipper reviews that have been moderated and verified by CarrierSource to ensure the highest level of integrity. In addition to reviews, you’ll find fleet, insurance, safety, and contact information sourced from the FMCSA, and equipment information submitted by the carrier or gathered through reviews. 

*Are you a carrier? Claim your existing (free) CarrierSource profile here and fill out your information to be eligible for future lists. Reach out to the CarrierSource team at if you have any questions!

To contact Blue Book Services regarding this report, please send us an email at Thank you!

*Last Updated 02/29/2024

Top Rated Carriers Located in Vancouver, BC Canada

Docket NumberLegal NameFleet SizeInsurance AmountContact
MC072604Haulex Inc10$750,000
MC881852New-Way Trucking Ltd175$5,000,000
MC671542Rbc Transport LLC32$1,000,000
MC871115Kal Freight Inc580$1,000,000
MC917774R & R B C Services Ltd20$750,000
MC935223Transhub Logistics Ltd6$750,000
MC186542Raffles Road Carriers Ltd10$750,000
MC1091862Click Freight Ltd5$1,000,000
MC1306532Thrive Logistics Inc1$750,000
MC414034Rai Express Lines Ltd73$1,000,000
MC223172Accord Transportation Ltd79$1,000,000
MC905908Apple Transport Ltd14$1,000,000
MC907139Freight X Transport Inc10$750,000
MC925693Hap Trucking Ltd46$1,000,000
MC006367Rocket Transport Inc19$750,000
MC001812Ryan’S International17$750,000
MC014280Geyser Transport Ltd20$1,000,000
MC143144Ludtke Pacific Trucking35$1,000,000
MC170306Sgs Transport Ltd5$750,000
MC191147Highway King Transport Ltd120$750,000
MC10090401St Knight Logistics Inc15$750,000
MC1015042911 Logistics Ltd3$750,000
MC1245947Dhillon & Dhillon Transport Ltd22$750,000
MC1276196Blue Flame Transport Ltd6$750,000
MC171459Challenger Motor Freight Inc860$5,000,000