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Looking for a way to prospect new business opportunities, learn more about produce companies, and investigate potential trading partners? Check out Blue Book Services’ dynamic search tools and individual company listings available through our Blue Book Online Services. While limited data is available to non-members, members can access complete directory listings of produce, transportation, and supply/service companies.

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Members can utilize our more robust search engine to mine prospects throughout the supply chain in the produce industry. To find a produce company by name, simply type it into the responsive box below.


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Every Produce Blue Book directory listing contains:

A sample directory listing from the Blue Book Services directory

  • Company Name
  • Ownership
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Functions of the company
  • Commodities handled*
  • Supplies and services provided*
  • A Blue Book Services rating and credit score*

*If information is available

Need Help Browsing the Produce Blue Book Directory?

Use the search field to find produce supply chain companies currently listed in the Produce Blue Book Services directory. As you type, a drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to choose the produce company you need. Click on the company’s name and the directory listing will load in your browser. From here, you can purchase a business report for more in-depth information.

Check out a sample business report, featuring our Blue Book Credit Score.

A sample business report featuring the Blue Book Score

Add Your Company to the Produce Blue Book Directory

Demonstrating the difference between your company and a competitor can be difficult. There may be times that the deciding factor between you and “the other guy” is your Blue Book Listing. A listing with Blue Book Services, the leading provider of credit and business data for the produce industry since 1901, is a useful step toward increasing your sales, name recognition, and credibility within the industry.

To list your company with Blue Book Services, contact a service representative or fill out our application form.

Enhancing Your Produce Blue Book Directory Listing

To help a directory listing stand out we have created “Enhanced Listings,” which gives companies the opportunity to add to their directory page:

  • A logo
  • Services
  • Capabilities
  • Personnel information

These descriptive details are offered at a nominal fee, which is billed annually. Enhanced listing content, including all certification information, is self-reported.

Explore Produce Companies by Type

  • Produce Growers – Businesses dealing in all aspects of providing fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Transportation – Companies that handle the transportation of commodities
  • Supply/Service – Organizations selling products and services to the produce industry, examples include cartons, labels, technology, and legal services.

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Using the Produce Blue Book Directory

Since our inception, we have become a trusted resource for organizations looking to gain more information on existing and potential business partners. Our representatives are ready to help you use our directory of companies to your advantage. Reach out to a customer and listing services representative with any questions you have about the use of our directory, membership, or adding your company to the Produce Blue Book Directory.