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Produce Marketing Power

We are committed to revolutionizing the produce marketing landscape. With a passion for fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, we take great pride in connecting growers, wholesalers, and retailers in the produce supply chain. Our dedicated team is driven by a shared vision of promoting the finest agricultural products while fostering growth and prosperity within the industry.  

Discover a multitude of digital and print marketing opportunities designed to empower your business. Produce Blue Book Services’ print and digital advertising expertise  focuses on creating a brand infusion, strategically spreading knowledge of your business throughout the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. Whether you’re involved in growing the commodities, transporting or distributing produce (locally or worldwide), or selling fruit and vegetables, our comprehensive services will unlock your business’ potential. Explore our comprehensive produce marketing and agriculture advertising solutions designed to empower farmers and enhance distribution networks.

Print and Digital Produce Marketing

Produce Blue Book Services offers several strategic opportunities to place your company in front of industry professionals. Whether you choose to align your company with various commodities through our Know Your Commodity ad option, get your marketing message in The Produce Reporter daily e-newsletter, or advertise in Produce Blueprints magazine, your company’s campaign will be well served. 

Our agriculture business marketing and advertising opportunities include:

Online Banner & Display Ads

Online banner and display ads set above the fold on key pages of the website, such as our Find Companies page and our homepage

Print & Online Produce Blueprints Magazine Ads

Print and online ads in Produce Blueprints magazine, offer various options for size, color, and placement. The Produce Reporter e-newsletter delivered daily puts your name directly into produce industry professionals’ inboxes. 

The Produce Reporter Newsletter

Agricultural Commodity Advertising

Place an ad on any individual commodity page in our online Know Your Commodity database, which is an important reference section relied upon by our members. 

Print & Online Produce Trade and Transportation Guide Ads

Print and online ads offer options in our Trading & Transportation Guidelines magazine, which is used by anyone who wants to expertly navigate the trade and transport of produce. 

Trading and Transportation Guidelines image

Produce Business Directory

Add your produce industry logo to Produce Blue Book’s business listings online and in print. 

Exceptional Produce Marketing Services

To learn more about advertising opportunities through Produce Blue Book Services, feel free to contact us by phone or online. Our produce marketing solutions are tailored to transform your business and drive unparalleled success in the dynamic world of agriculture. With a deep-rooted commitment to excellence, we empower growers, distributors, and consumers to connect seamlessly, fostering a flourishing produce industry supply chain. By leveraging our innovative strategies, you can 

  • Elevate your brand's visibility
  • Expand your market reach 
  • Cultivate long-lasting relationships within the industry 

Embrace the future of produce marketing with our dedicated team of experts by your side, and let us help you sow the seeds of prosperity and growth.