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Why Join?

Looking to develop new business partnerships and opportunities in the produce supply chain? Tired of the anxiety that comes along with trying to “trust your gut” when extending credit? Looking to learn more about the fresh fruit & vegetable industry?

Look no further.

We're recognized and celebrated for our current, accurate credit data and marketing opportunities.

A membership with Blue Book Services provides access to our vast database of business information, current credit reports, and many other valuable tools and assets.  These can be essential for organizations looking to grow and/or maintain their business and include:

  • ratingsscores

    Ratings & Scores

    Make confident decisions to increase your profitability.
  • marketing

    Marketing Power

    Unleash your company's potential with multiple marketing resources.
  • searchtools

    Dynamic Search Tools

    Identify new trading partners using in-depth data and a powerful search engine.
  • tradingassistance

    Trading Assistance / Resolve Disputes

    Use our team of experienced professionals to assist you with trading disputes & collections.
  • realtime

    Real-Time Data

    Monitor your trading partners using comprehensive tools. Manage risk. Grow sales.
  • education


    Straightforward, practical information to successfully run your business.