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Produce Blueprints

The Essential Magazine for the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Produce Blueprints is the go-to publication for professionals across the fresh produce supply chain. Our produce magazine is dedicated to providing industry news, educational editorials, and insightful analysis for retailers, growers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, and transportation companies We aim to cover a wide range of topics that directly impact produce business operations, including industry trends, key regions and markets, credit and finance, technology, and supply chain solutions.

Each issue is packed full of informative articles addressing the challenges and issues faced by the produce industry. Our goal is to provide helpful advice and diverse perspectives on various subjects, such as:

  • Business relationships among industry stakeholders
  • Trading practices, customs, and rules
  • Problem and dispute resolution
  • Effective supply chain solutions
  • Impact of the retail sector on the produce industry
  • Finance, credit, and collection
  • The utilization of technology as a business tool
  • Featured commodity information, including types, varieties, and grade standards
  • Spotlights on terminal markets and geographic areas
  • Supplements focusing on key segments and industry trends

To ensure everyone has access to Produce Blueprints we offer print and online versions of our produce magazine. Experience the latest insights and trends in the fresh produce supply chain.

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July/August 2024
Produce Blueprints

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July/August 2024
Transportation Supplement

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July/August 2024
Trade Report Supplement

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The Comprehensive Resource for Fresh Produce Professionals

If you're a member of a retail produce team, our magazine is an invaluable tool. It offers a wealth of information on fresh fruit and vegetable industry issues, consumer purchasing trends, and their impact on the supply chain, including retail and food service. Our content is educational, engaging, and designed to be retained for future reference. In fact, 33% of our readers find our magazine indispensable. It's a must-read for anyone involved in the retail produce sector. Sign up today for a complimentary subscription and receive your copies every other month.

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