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Consumers don’t trust produce online? Think again.

- Produce with Pamela
No online shopper can pick just the right watermelon, or avocado, or banana -- or can they? 

Fresh food jumped 200% in online orders, and shows no signs of dropping

- Retail
IRI found that among new online shoppers as of the start of the pandemic in March 2020, 50% continue to buy online and about 20% have become heavy hitters.

Retail produce sales reflect inflation, higher fruit volumes in April

- Retail
Only five out of the top 10 selling fruits lost ground versus the tremendous sales spikes of 2020, being apples, bananas, avocados, mandarins and oranges.

Retail produce sales can’t keep up with 2020 figures, but demand remains solid

- Retail
In March 2021, sales started lapping the enormous spikes of 2020 and the comparison to year-ago levels turned negative for most areas even though the demand stayed well ahead of the 2019 baseline.

Fresh produce continues on strong growth path

- Retail
New Year's resolutions, pandemic style, are good news for the produce department.

2020: A Year Like No Other for the Produce Department

- Retail
In December, consumers’ trip frequency fell below last year’s levels, much like it had in early April, while e-commerce transactions made a return to spring levels.

November retail produce sales continue tracking ahead of 2019

- Retail
Looking toward the end-of-year holidays, 44% of Americans are worried that the holiday celebrations will cause a spike in COVID cases and over one-third are not looking forward to the holiday season as much as usual because their celebrations will be curtailed.

Thanksgiving grocery trends bring December holiday insight

- General News

Survey insights predicting planned Thanksgiving 2020 celebrations pointed to a very different holiday that included smaller …

Thanksgiving retail buying alters the produce mix

- Analysis
Many families may opt for meats other than traditional turkey for the smaller holiday meal, which will change the vegetable buying mix.

October fresh produce gains continue at retail

- Retail
Eight months into the pandemic, the virus remains in firm control of how and where people spend their food dollar. Everyday sales have been on a slow march back to normal and restaurant transactions had come within 10% of prior year levels.