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FMI Power of Produce 2024 released at SEPC’s Southern Exposure

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Anne-Marie Roerink (standing) of 210 Analytics is joined by (left to right) Rick Stein of FMI; Jon Greco of Sysco; Melissa Thrasher of Whole Foods Market; and John Clear of A&M Consumer and Retail Group. Photos by Pamela Riemenschneider

Millen, GA – The Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) BB #:191194 is excited to announce the unveiling of the highly anticipated FMI – Food Industry Association’s Power of Produce 2024 at our Southern Exposure education session on Friday, March 8, 2024.

The Power of Produce 2024 is authored by 210 Analytics and made possible by the Southeast Produce Council and Yerecic Label.

“As we enter our sixth year of partnership with FMI, SEPC is excited to provide our highly recognized educational sessions as the platform for launch of the Power of Produce 2024 report,” said David Sherrod, SEPC President.

“Navigating through the economic outlook for the next twelve months, we recognize that the traits of a great produce department go hand-in-hand with growing sales and consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. As we honor the Unseen Heroes during Southern Exposure, we salute not only the men and women who serve in camouflage, but also the men and women who serve our industry by plowing fields, harvesting crops, sorting produce, loading trucks, stocking shelves, and prepping meals.”

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Driving Impulse Purchases

The report showed that 89 percent of consumers make unplanned produce purchases, which highlights the effect that merchandising has on shopper purchases.

“Adding panelist insights from our Unseen Heroes to the Power of Produce data helps bring the study findings to life,” said Mike Roberts, SEPC Chairman. “Session panelists provided valuable context to this information highlighting how they use cross merchandising, eye-catching displays or seasonal items to drive impulse. This highlights the crucial role of those working behind the scenes to bring fresh produce to our tables.”

Displays and In-Stock Value 

This year’s report found that 54% of purchases resulting from out-of-stock items or poor displays lead customers to go to a different store, forgo the purchase entirely, or opt for the frozen/canned version.

“In produce, the eyes decide,” said Sherrod. “Best-in-class fresh produce operations not only result in above-average sales and margins for the department, but also helps the store be a destination to win trips and generate sales across all other departments.

The SEPC Southern Exposure education sessions serve as an ideal platform for industry stakeholders to gather and learn about strategies for success in the fresh produce market. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights from the Power of Produce report, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive growth in their businesses.

Media may contact FMI at for a complimentary copy of the full Power of Produce 2024. For additional fresh food resources, visit

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