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Ark Foods debuts bagged pepper program

ark foods peppers

IMMOKALEE, FL March 12, 2023 – Ark Foods BB #:290462, a modern-day farming company on a mission to make fresh, high-quality, and crave-worthy food accessible to all, proudly introduces its highly anticipated bagged pepper program, as featured in their booth this past week during SEPC’s Southern Exposure trade show, now available year round across the nation.

This program features chilis for every occasion, including their Hot Pepper Medley, Jalapeño Peppers, and Cubanelle Peppers, among many others. Delivering convenience and flavor in equal measure, the peppers are packaged in eye-catching tote bags, complete with insightful usage and preparation tips, showcasing Ark Foods’ commitment to ingenuity and consumer satisfaction.

“Given consumers’ interest in home cooking and global flavors, chili peppers lend themselves to a curiosity in the kitchen that we’re seeing more now than ever,” stated Noah Robbins, Founder and CEO. “Renowned for their ability to infuse dishes with both heat and depth, chili peppers have surged in demand and benefit from a growing consumer appreciation for diverse cuisines and spicy fare.”

This surge in chili pepper demand was the impetus for Ark Foods to create a package that informs, inspires and attracts consumers with a wealth of knowledge about each pepper.

Each package features distinct recipes to showcase that pepper’s flavor, a history of the pepper’s origin, and even a “spice meter” for consumers to glean a quick understanding of just how spicy each pepper will taste.

The enhancements of including the chili pepper narratives on package provide a high degree of education, vital to informing consumers at the point of purchase, building their chili pepper confidence to choose a product that they know will meet their heat preferences and enhance their culinary experiences at home.

Ark Foods stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, seamlessly marrying modern products, branding and distribution techniques with time-honored farming traditions passed down through generations.

After a decade of growth, they’ve been able to bring a variety of chili peppers to the market from their Primus-certified farms along the East Coast. Ark Foods products are available in leading retailers nationwide.

For further information on Ark Foods or their bagged chili peppers, please visit their product page or email Lindsay Belfatto, Vice President of Sales at Ark Foods, at

About Ark Foods
Ark Foods is a modern-day farming company making fresh food accessible to everyone. From Shishito peppers and Honeynut squash to?Stir Fry Kits and Chopped Salad Kits made with simple,?clean ingredients, Ark Foods believes there’s magic in growing and eating vegetables and works every day to share this feeling with the world.?

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