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ProduceIQ: Hurricanes disrupt produce markets on both coasts

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Global energy markets are on edge, and any move in the wrong (or right) direction will significantly affect fresh produce markets.

Mexican berry exports up 12%

- International
With the help of the federal government, they are requesting the opening of new markets, such as South Korea, India, and Malaysia.

ProduceIQ: Avocados resume, berries ripe for promotion

- Analysis
If it is true that “bad news is good news and no news is bad news,” then the avocado industry is doing just fine. Last week was quite a roller coaster for Avocados from Mexico.

Mixed berry prices to rise on tight volume

- General News
Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry supplies are tightening, which will likely cause prices to rise over the next few weeks.

How raspberries became snackable

- Produce with Pamela
Behind the scenes, there’s a great explanation of raspberries steep increase in volume, consumption, and share of the category.  

Naturipe continues Summer of Snacking with September Berry Spotlight

- General News
Naturipe, a farmer-owned producer and marketer of nutritious berries and value-added products, continues its inaugural “Summer of Snacking” campaign, as fresh raspberries and blackberries enter their late-summer peak season.

Mexican raspberry exports post big increase in first half of 2021

- International
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mexican raspberry exports registered a growth of 18.9 percent in the first six months of the year, maintain a positive streak.

ProduceIQ: Avocado growers prepared to fight in defense

- Analysis
Many nuances exist in avocados. Based on average industry sales for this week #29, avocados have the 2nd highest index weight, 10.4%, only trailing cherries. Both old and new crop face the eminent threat of rainy season in Mexico.

Driscoll’s brings back Rosé Berries summer promotion

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This summer, Driscoll’s will help berry lovers kick off a deliciously sweet season with the long-anticipated return of Rosé Berries – beautiful blush-colored strawberries and raspberries – and its Sweetest Batch strawberries and raspberries, each selected for their extra-sweet flavor profiles.

ProduceIQ: Cherry season coronated with royal prices

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Don’t be alarmed. The inclusion of the seasonal cherry harvest explains virtually all the $0.22 increase to the overall industry index this week.