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Amazon reveals its most popular Whole Foods Prime promos

amazon whole foods prime
Amazon shoppers not only loved apples at Whole Foods, but organic strawberries, too.

While bananas continue to be the top seller for Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime shoppers, there were a few new additions to this year’s Best of Prime list released by Seattle-based Amazon.

The company said organic strawberries were the best-selling deal for Whole Foods Market shoppers on Amazon Prime Day back in July.

Outside of that promotion, which also gave Prime shoppers a $10 coupon to shop at Whole Foods stores, the company said the most-redeemed Prime shopper promotion was organic apples – selling enough through the promotion to bake “more than 350,000 apple pies.”

(I calculated a rough math assessment using Alton Brown’s apple pie recipe, which calls for roughly 4.5 pounds, or eight large apples, so 350,000 apple pies is about 1.6 million pounds or 2.8 million apples. Alton Brown seems a reasonable base for pie-based mathematics.)

Bananas, the top Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Now item last year, continued their reign as the No. 1 item ordered for delivery, although I found it very interesting they didn’t even stock the perennial shopper favorite at their AmazonGo store in Seattle when I toured it back in October.

And, while customers reportedly bought 300,000 Instant Pots on Amazon Prime Day, this year the counter top pressure cooker didn’t make the cut for the best of Prime list.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.