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Strawberries near peak of strong season

- General News
The strawberry market has seen increased volume and strong demand and very little effect from the pandemic.

Markon Crops Report: Salinas heat raises prices

- General News
The heat in the Salinas, CA, area is affecting crops there, lowering volumes and causing prices to rise.

Safety at work on California strawberry Farms

- General News
A new video produced by the California Strawberry Commission highlights how strawberry farmers, in the midst of peak harvest season and during a global pandemic, are implementing safety practices in the fields to keep their employees healthy, and ensure they are providing safe, delicious and nutritious strawberries for consumers.

Markon Crop Report: Domestic supplies taking over

- General News
Domestic supplies of many crops will continue to ramp up now that we’re on the cusp of June.

Why do strawberries love California’s Monterey Bay?

- Produce with Pamela
For six months out of the year, basically from April to November, it's springtime in the strawberry fields.

Markon Crops Report: Holiday demand returns for many items

- General News
Many fruits and vegetables are starting to see stronger demand with some restaurants opening back up and Memorial Day holiday demand.

California Strawberry Commission adds coronavirus safety guidance

- General News
Over the past 60 days, the Commission staff has visited nearly every strawberry farm currently operating in California, and provided on-site training, signage and informative materials to keep farm workers healthy, highlighting the Centers for Disease Control guidance on creating a safer work environment, and how to protect oneself through daily activities.

Markon crops report: Lettuce, strawberries offer high quality at low prices

- General News

Most crops have a hard time adjusting to changing demand, so the pandemic, which shut down …

Oppy’s Ocean Spray strawberries surge in California

- General News

As consumers increasingly seek the familiar in their shopping experience, Oppy’s BB #:116424 Ocean Spray®-branded strawberries …

Strawberry market ripe for Mother’s Day promotions

- General News

With Mother’s Day less than two weeks away, strawberry volume looks to stabilize from California, while …