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REVIEW: Our fancy fruit adventure continues with Oishii strawberries

- Produce with Pamela
I’ve wanted to try Oishii strawberries for quite some time, so when H-E-B's Central Market had them -- for only $15 -- I pounced.

ProduceIQ: Thanksgiving pull is here, and so is the rain

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Heavy rain is forecasted for the Southeastern U.S. and California this week. This may come as dismal news for growers nearing harvest, but it is a reason to give thanks for off-season growers still fighting the effects of extreme drought.

Florida strawberry growers plan tech-driven marketing for 2023-24 season

- General News
The Florida Strawberry Growers Association is thrilled to unveil its dynamic marketing initiatives for the 2023-24 winter strawberry season.

ProduceIQ: Bezos and tomatoes head South

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El Niño turned the chillers on. Now, growers across North America are scrambling to salvage the last bit of their fall season as production shifts to warmer climates.

ProduceIQ: Pacific hurricane potential remains, as market prices at highest for week #43

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Buckle up and prepare to see significant fluctuations in the supply and prices of products grown in the Salinas/Watsonville areas.

Strawberry Commission highlights sustainability  

- General News
New “Snapshot” describes strawberry farming practices, innovation, and research to benefit the environment, communities, and the economy

Ever Tru Farms enters U.S. market

- General News
Ontario-based indoor hydroponic strawberry farm Ever Tru Farms to distribute strawberries from Kentucky's AppHarvest operation.

Letter to the Editor on ‘Florida strawberries’ secret problem’

- Analysis
I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with the article, Florida Strawberries’ Secret Problem, that was published online September 21st.

Bayer acquisition expands its fruits and vegetables business to strawberries

- General News
Bayer has entered an agreement with UK-based NIAB to acquire their strawberry pipeline and commercial portfolio / Focus on large-scale professional strawberry growers.

Florida strawberries’ secret problem

- Analysis
Florida strawberry growers' complaints about Mexican competition may be partly their own fault.