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Let’s try a Pink Elephant mango

- Produce with Pamela
This mango is grown in Vietnam's Mekong Delta region and, according to the Melissa's website, "offers a sweet taste with delightful floral notes."

Inside GrubMarket: Who is Mike Xu, and what is the company’s vision for a more efficient food system?

- Featured
Blue Book's Pamela Riemenschneider joins Mike Xu and Craig Slate on The Fresh CrEd podcast to talk about GrubMarket, and Xu's vision for the food industry.

Seven CPMA show-stoppers

- General News
I saw so many new things on the expo floor at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention & Trade Show in Vancouver that I hate to whittle this post down to just seven.

CPMA kicks off with retail tour

- Produce with Pamela
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention & Trade Show kicked off in Vancouver on April 23 with a retail tour featuring three stops.

Five standouts from the Viva Fresh Expo

- General News
It was an absolutely packed trade show floor at the Viva Fresh Expo on April 13. Here are five new products that got me to stop.

Store Check: Mi Tienda by H-E-B

- General News
Mi Tienda is not new for the San Antonio-based retailer, but I am shocked it hasn't opened several of them in each of its markets.

REVIEW: Giving Sumo Citrus another chance

- Produce with Pamela
If I hadn’t had a guy literally hand me a piece of fruit at the expo, I might not have given Sumo Citrus another chance.

Store Check: Publix GreenWise Market

- Produce with Pamela
It's too bad Publix plans to cancel this store concept. I really enjoyed this newer version of the GreenWise market.

Review – Braga Farms Avocado Goddess chopped salad kit

- Produce with Pamela
In this house, we're very familiar with the Josie's Organics brand, but I hadn't had a chance to experience the conventional side of Braga Fresh Family Farms.

Store check: Produce packaging in Zurich

- General News
Many think European grocers rely less on packaged produce than what we see in the U.S. I find that hit and miss, depending on where you are.