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REVIEW: Little Leaf Farms salad kits

- Produce with Pamela
We have another contender in the salad kit games in my kitchen. Little Leaf Farms, based in Massachusetts, reached out to me with their Crispy Caesar and Southwest Salad Kits.

REVIEW: Our fancy fruit adventure continues with Oishii strawberries

- Produce with Pamela
I’ve wanted to try Oishii strawberries for quite some time, so when H-E-B's Central Market had them -- for only $15 -- I pounced.

REVIEW: BrightFarms Crunch Kits salad kits

- General News
Why are salad kits so popular? Watch us try the new BrightFarms Crunch Kits and find out how salad kits bring a restaurant experience.

Review: Is this salad kit better than a burger?

- General News
While I don’t know if I’d call it BETTER than a burger, it goes great with burgers.

Are the IFPA community receptions on your schedule? They should be.

- Produce with Pamela
Taking place on Friday evening starting at 5:15 -- immediately following the close of the expo floor -- the community receptions are four concurrent events celebrating different sectors of the IFPA communities: Retail, Floral, Science & Technology, and Talent.

We tried the $15 Azorean pineapple with its own serial number

- General News
Azorean pineapples are so fancy they have a serial number. But do they merit the $15 price tag? Let's talk about it.

Finally, a date snack that matches my flavor profile 

- General News
I’ve sampled all manner of date-themed snacks and recipes, and for some reason I just couldn’t find the flavor combo that worked for me...until now.

‘Best’ is subjective when it comes to ranking grocers

- Retail
My hackles raise every time a “best” grocer/retailer/store list comes up and this new USA Today list is a prime example.

Five SEPC Southern Innovations stand-outs

- Featured
The Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Innovations show typically is a venue to find new products and new ideas as companies often do soft launches ahead of the “big” show in October.

Store Check: Lowes Foods, Harrisburg, NC

- Produce with Pamela
This Lowes Foods store is I'm pretty sure I've been here before, but this time I saw a lot more things to do.