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Let’s try a Pink Elephant mango


I love getting a chance to see new produce items before they hit stores. I came across the Pink Elephant mango at the Melissa’s BB #:111686 booth at Viva Fresh in Houston.

As one does – especially at a local trade show – I picked one up from the booth at the end of the show and took it home, where we waited for it to ripen.

This mango is grown in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region and, according to the Melissa’s website, “offers a sweet taste with delightful floral notes.”

produce with pamela tiktok

When it ripens, it’s supposed to turn a deep rose pink. I left mine on the kitchen counter for a bout a week and a half and it turned almost orange, with a little bit of a pink tinge. I tend to leave my yellow skin mangos until they get a little wrinkly and intensely sweet, so I gave this one a similar treatment.

My 10-year-old son Uli loves to try new fruits, and he said this one reminded him of cotton candy. Too bad that name’s already taken! Like Cotton Candy grapes, a Pink Elephant mango seemed to have almost no acid to its flavor.

It was definitely an interesting flavor experience.

My next mission? I need to find one of those $400 RubyGlow pineapples at a trade show to smuggle home.

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Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.