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Let’s try a Pink Elephant mango

- Produce with Pamela
This mango is grown in Vietnam's Mekong Delta region and, according to the Melissa's website, "offers a sweet taste with delightful floral notes."

We tried it: the Elefante Green Gold Pineapple

- Produce with Pamela
I knew I had to get one of these at home so the pineapple adventure I've been having with my sons could continue

Store Check: Bavaria, Part 1

- General News
This store was insanely busy as it was the Friday before a holiday. People were stocking up because nothing will be open all weekend — including restaurants.

REVIEW: Little Leaf Farms salad kits

- Produce with Pamela
We have another contender in the salad kit games in my kitchen. Little Leaf Farms, based in Massachusetts, reached out to me with their Crispy Caesar and Southwest Salad Kits.

The Cherry Saga’s satisfying resolution

- Produce with Pamela
If you've been following along weekly check-in for the Stemilt cherry awesomeness, I have a happy update for you.

Eight trends from the Organic Produce Summit expo

- Featured
Retail editor Pamela Riemenschneider scoured the expo floor of the Organic Produce Summit 2023 in Monterey for these new products and trends.

Nogales, Sonora, store checks, Part 1: and why red delicious apples are so popular in Mexican grocery stores

- Produce with Pamela
Our first stop was Soriana, which had one of the larger produce departments, but showed an explanation to something I had seen on TikTok recently.

Field tour quick look: Carbon Robotics autonomous LaserWeeder

- General News
I participated in a field tour at the Braga Fresh Family Farms ranch in Soledad, CA, this summer, and captured some footage of Carbon Robotics' new LaserWeeder in action, so I made sure it was one of my first videos on the new Produce with Pamela TikTok channel.