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The Cherry Saga’s satisfying resolution

produce with pamela

If you’ve been following along The Produce Reporter Week in Review weekly check-in for the Stemilt cherry awesomeness, I have a happy update for you.

To catch up, if you’re not a regular viewer (which you should be!), Wenatchee, WA-based Stemilt Growers BB #:113654 sends out a promotional wooden box of 9-row cherries when peak season hits every season. It’s something I start watching out the front windows for starting in mid-June, just as the Northwest Cherries season gets rocking.

Imagine me watching many other influential folks in the produce industry posting photos of their boxes while I watch out the front window for mine, like a teenager waiting for her crush to text her back.

I realize my privilege here, and the spectacle I’m making of it, but it’s been fun this year. Stemilt reached out to me ahead of time to confirm that I’d be in the office. I had a vacation planned so they scheduled delivery for when I got back, not knowing I’d be at the Organic Produce Summit on the day of.

I shrugged it off and though, well, no biggie. My husband and sons will enjoy them, which they did. And they left me crumbs when I got home a few days later.

Imagine my surprise to find a whole new box sent to me, with “For Pamela Only” written on the outside.

So, for everyone watching and wondering. I did get my amazing box of cherries, and of course I posted it to TikTok, because unboxing PR treasures is a very “influencer” thing to do.

Until next year!


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.