The Produce Reporter Week in Review: August 23, 2019

- General News
Pamela explains how a frog gets into a clamshell of salad—and lives to tell the tale, and where we're getting all these giant avocados while Greg talks about where we go from here on the new tomato suspension agreement with Mexico.

PACA and Transportation Claims Part 3: Salvage Returns

- Trading Assistance
PACA has, over many decades, helped shape the guidelines, customary practices, and rules that govern produce transactions between vendors.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review: August 16, 2019

- General News
This week we're chatting about Delish's "article" exposing produce department "dirty secrets," how grapes can get away from plastic packaging with a throwback packaging option, and why Walmart's online grocery continues to win.

Can we go plastic-free in the grape category?

- Produce with Pamela
While it does serve a purpose for many items in the produce department, there are many who'd like to see a plastic-free produce department.  Is it possible? 

The strawberry picking challenge

- Produce with Pamela
Berry picking is no picnic, despite what the agritourism experience will tell you.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review: August 2, 2019

- Analysis
Pamela and Greg talk PMA Foodservice trends, the crime of imposter guacamole and leadership changes for big retailers. 

Beware the guacamole imposters

- Produce with Pamela
I chose a few recipes to make, and decided to test the results on my kids, our friends, and their kids.

VIDEO: Promoting quality of life benefits of produce

- General News
The author of a recent research study showing fruits and vegetables not only provide key nutritional benefits, but also improve quality and life expectancy talks about how the produce industry can benefit from this research.

The Produce Trend Forecast: Episode 2 – Bowls, boards and bringing your own snacks on the road

- Produce with Pamela
I can't be the only one who's dropped $40 at Chipotle, or hit up a convenience store during a road trip and come out with $37 in Corn Nuts, pork rinds and maybe a tiny cup of cantaloupe, right? 

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – July 26, 2019

- Produce with Pamela
Greg and Pamela talk foodservice, insider insights from Trader Joe's and why the importers of Cavi brand papayas refuse to recall the product at the FDA's demand.