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How meat shortages are helping produce sales

- Produce with Pamela
Anne-Marie and I discussed the latest sales numbers from IRI, week ending April 26, which showed a 23% bump in fresh produce sales at retail.

Quarantine Kitchen cooking: The best sandwich I’ve ever had

- Produce with Pamela
Have you ever been so hungry that the first thing you ate is the best thing you can remember eating? I'm seeing if I can recreate that experience with lettuce from lēf Farms.

Is the freezer case a threat to the fresh produce department?

- Produce with Pamela
Pamela talks with Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics about what the latest IRI sales numbers tell us about how consumers are shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – May 1, 2020

- General News

Greg and Pamela discuss changing shopping patterns during the COVID-19 crisis, including how consumers changing the …

Produce with Pamela: How to use tropical avocados

- Produce with Pamela
With most Americans spending more time at home, and in the kitchen, I thought it would be a great time to try some less-familiar produce items in my "quarantine kitchen." 

Pear Bureau shares tips to maximize shelf life

- General News
The video is meant to be an educational tool for shoppers, reinforcing the fact that pears are a long-lasting fruit and, when ripe, can be stored in the fridge to slow ripening, increase shelf life and eliminate waste.

Good retail data is more important than ever

- Retail
The pandemic has significantly changed the grocery landscape, and for retailers to make sense of it all and make proper forecasts, they need accurate data.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – April 24, 2020

- General News
Government stimulus projects could benefit the fresh produce, but Greg says operators have to work fast. Pamela's got a beef with online grocery merchandising and the latest crop analysis from Agtools shows market stabilization. 

Fruit needs a boost from all of us

- Produce with Pamela
Fruit sales dollars are on a troubling trend line. Now is the time to educate consumers about how to buy fruit to last the week.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – April 17, 2020

- General News

Pamela and Greg discuss business closures amid COVID-19, starting with the first big bankruptcy we’ve seen …