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Store Check: Mi Tienda by H-E-B

store check mi tienda

HOUSTON — I had a few H-E-B BB #:106490 stores on my list for when I was in town for Viva Fresh, but I must have forgotten how amazing Mi Tienda truly is.

The concept is not new for the San Antonio-based retailer, but I am shocked it hasn’t opened several of them in each of the markets it operates. This store in, frankly, a kind of sketchy neighborhood, has 4.5 stars on Google Reviews. It feels like a party on the inside, especially in and around the produce and other fresh foods. When I arrived shortly before 11, the elotes truck out front was closed. By the time I left around 11:10, there was a line of people waiting.

You could get tortas, gorditas, aguas frescas — all kinds of in-house prepared foods that looked amazing. I left with a mango on a stick.

This is definitely H-E-B’s “stack-it-high” store, with the tower of tomates soaring above my 5’9″ stature.

The atmosphere reminds me of a Southern California style Latino grocer like Cardenas Markets, Northgate Gonzalez, or even the Pancho Villa Farmers Market in San Diego.

Have a look around and see for yourself.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.