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National Mango Board unveils new logo, look

- General News
We are so excited to unveil a new brand look and logo, as the National Mango Board continues to evolve and broaden our reach with both industry and consumers.

Peru expects strong 2021/2022 mango campaign

- International
Peru expects to export 220,000-240,000 tons of fresh mangoes in the 2021/2022 season, putting it in line with the previous two, which were 237,000 tons in 2019/2020 and 217,000 tons in 2020/2021.

Peru ranks as fourth largest food supplier to U.S.

- International
The main Peruvian products imported by the U.S. in the semester were grapes (35 percent share), asparagus (9 percent share), mango (8 percent share) and blueberries (5 percent share).

CAPCO Farms mourns the loss of Mango Queen Sabine Henry

- General News
Sabine Henry passed away August 30.

Mangos have no chill when it comes to the wrong temperature

- Produce with Pamela
What would you do with 35 mangos?

How to slice a mango

- Analysis
Evidently in the Philippines, there is a saying that a girl is not ready for marriage until she knows how to slice a mango.

Mango referendum freezes out some provisions

- General News
In the referendum, 60% of mango first handlers and importers voting were in favor of continuing the program. 49% of mango first handlers and importers voting were not in favor of frozen mangos as a covered commodity. In addition, 83% of the frozen importers voting were not in favor of continuing frozen mango as a covered commodity.

Mexican mango exports increase in 2020

- International
Tropical fruit trade continues to grow with mangos leading the way.

Why it doesn’t matter how you cut a mango

- Produce with Pamela
I've seen ridiculous videos of consumers trying to figure out mangos. Here's my kindergartener taking you to school on how it's done.

Mexican mango exports increase in first half of 2020

- International
Mexican mango exports increased 7.1 percent year to year in value, totaling $201.4 million, during the first semester of 2020, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture.