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An End to Banana Nostalgia

- Analysis
Did bananas taste better a hundred years ago? Many people believe so.

Mexican banana export value increases in first half of 2020

- International
According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Mexican banana exports totaled $141.1 million in the first half of 2020, reflecting a 1 percent year to year increase.

Dole updates plan to battle TR4 banana disease

- General News
Dole Food Company shared the company’s most recent update on its efforts to combat Fusarium Tropical Race 4, a plant disease that poses an existential threat to bananas, a major staple crop for much of the world.

Retail banana pricing is…bananas

- Produce with Pamela
When it comes to bananas, there’s a reason we use the word interchangeably with descriptions for insanity. It is nearly impossible to make sense of how this all continues to operate the way it does.  

U.S. banana average price up amid COVID-19

- Retail
Overall retail pricing for bananas in the U.S. has increased 2 cents per pound in 2020 compared to the year before, but that doesn’t tell the story of wild swings from week-to-week and from region to region.

Colombia keeps up banana output despite COVID-19, Panama disease

- International
As the world’s fourth largest banana exporter, Colombia has maintained production despite threats from the coronavirus and Panama disease.

Agricultural exports from Honduras to U.S. increase

- International

Agricultural exports from Honduras to the United States continue to increase, with tropical fruits playing a …

Financial report shows Del Monte’s shift away from banana focus

- General News

CORAL GABLES, FL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. BB #:111187 today reported financial results for the …

Move over avocados, bananas are king in Mexico

- International

Around Super Bowl Sunday, it feels like avocados are the only talked about fruit as consumption …

Fyffes partners The Masked Singer for banana promotion

- General News

CORAL GABLES, Fla., January 20, 2020 – As the premiere of the new season of The …