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Costa Rican supplier Kapi Kapi growers reports exponential growth, national distribution

kapi kapi bananas

MIAMI (MAY 13, 2024)Kapi Kapi Growers, BB #:371004 a leading Costa Rican grower-shipper of sustainably grown pineapples and bananas, achieves national distribution after launching the brand in North America a little more than three years ago.

Kapi branded pineapples first entered the U.S. market in late 2020. Through the leadership of Sofia Acon, president of Kapi Kapi Growers, the brand grabbed the attention of retail buyers and in December of 2020, the first shipments of Kapi pineapples reached the Port of Philadelphia. Retailers and wholesalers in the Northeast were eager to put the Kapi brand on store shelves and by the end of Q1, distribution had taken off. In less than a year, the Kapi brand was well on its way to becoming a significant supplier in the tropical fruit space.

By 2022, Kapi pineapples were primarily delivered up and down the east coast. By the end of 2023, strategic geographic expansion within the U.S. and Canada had quadrupled year over year volume with a mix of retail, club store, processors, and foodservice customers from coast to coast. Building on the success of the pineapple business, Kapi bananas also began to pick up steam in 2023, generating substantial retail interest and positive sales feedback.

“We’re thrilled with the success the Kapi brand has seen so far, and we have no plans of slowing down,” said Acon. “Since 2020, we’ve steadily fine-tuned our operations from farm to shelf and because of that dedication, Kapi is becoming recognized as a quality brand in North America. Our partners know they can rely on us for consistent quality and reliable service. In alignment with this, our Kapi team has been diligently focused on diversifying and growing our product lineup.”

The brand has also been able to leverage its 30+ years of dedication to quality excellence and industry-leading sustainable growing practices to serve customers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Kapi Kapi Growers has earned multiple global certifications and national awards and is the only Costa Rican banana grower with multiple farm locations that are certified Carbon Neutral.

About Kapi Kapi

Kapi Kapi’s founding company is a family-run operation with over 30 years of experience responsibly growing bananas and pineapple since 1987. As the largest carbon-neutral certified banana grower in Costa Rica and Latin America, looking to the future, Kapi Kapi aims to expand its customer base to support retailers in need of a private label partner as well as those looking to differentiate pineapple and banana offerings with a brand that has a story consumers can relate to. For additional information, visit or email a member of the sales team directly at