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Ohio Apples announces rebrand as Fresh Forward

- General News
Families throughout the Great Lakes region have ample access to fresh, local produce at their favorite grocers like Heinen’s, Buehler’s and Wal-Mart, thanks, in large part, to Ohio Apples.

Stemilt’s Pink Lady apples target Valentine promotions

- General News
Valentine’s Day promotions are on the radar and Stemilt’s Pink Lady apples should be a top promotion contender for the loveliest day of the year.

Stemilt’s data reveals apple dollars up, volume down

- General News
Stemilt’s marketing director Brianna Shales and communications manager, Katie Harmon, start 2021 by analyzing the last 12 weeks of Nielsen retail scan data during Stemilt’s Fast Facts: The Cast video analysis.

Arctic Apples release new 2-ounce packs

- General News
Okanagan Specialty Fruits, developer and grower behind the innovative and superior Arctic apple, has announced the launch of its new, individually sized 2 oz. package.

Cosmic Crisp needs a little more fanfare, retail

- Produce with Pamela
Y’all. How are we supposed to convince consumers to buy something premium like this if we’re not even trying?

CMI Orchards Kiku apples outpace branded apple category

- General News
CMI Orchards has announced significant growth in KIKU brand apple sales and production. The popular apple is now outpacing the entire branded apple category.

SweeTango apple sales surge in 2020

- General News
According to Nielsen scan data, SweeTango is among the top three managed apple varieties this season, notable for a variety that is still seasonal.

Stemilt’s Fruit Tracker reveals apple volumes down

- General News
This month’s Fruit Tracker’s Fast Facts: The Cast video analysis featuring Stemilt’s Roger Pepperl and Brianna Shales reveals that apple volumes and dollars were down year-over-year for a second time.

CMI Orchards projects organic apple and pear growth in 2021

- General News
CMI Orchards’ overall organic apple production is up 25.5% over last year, and organic pear production is up 73.2%. Additional growth is expected in the new year.

Starr Ranch Growers sweetens the holiday season with baking promotion

- General News
Starr Ranch Growers is making the holiday season a little sweeter this year with apple-centric baked goods recipes, blog posts and giveaways designed to encourage holiday baking and creativity in the kitchen during the fall and winter.