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ProduceIQ: Watermelon supply mysteriously evaporates overnight

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Spring is not all vibrant blooms and backyard grilling. The arrival of warmer weather brings a capriciousness to forecasts that impacts everything from crop yields to quality and availability.

ProduceIQ: March Madness meets Easter produce demand

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About as fickle as a March Madness bracket, Spring transition has arrived! In search of better-growing conditions, most produce commodities will transition northward over the next five weeks.

ProduceIQ: A very lucky Weekly Market Highlights

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As the luck of the Irish would have it, we're kicking off this week's produce industry newsletter with updates that might make you feel like you've found a pot of gold.

ProduceIQ: Cucumber prices at record levels

- Analysis
Cucumber markets are putting on an Oscar-worthy performance. Short supply on both coasts has solidified cucumber prices at a ten-year high.

ProduceIQ: March brings winter to the West and summer to the East

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California has turned into a real-life snow globe. Up to ten feet of snow is expected in parts of the Sierras. Although the late winter storm will impact logistics throughout the state for a few days, the snowpack and rain will only benefit the industry in the dry season.

ProduceIQ: Cucumbers hit record high prices

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From kayaking in one of the driest places on earth, Death Valley National Park, to 70-degree highs in places like Omaha, NE, and Chicago, weather is the most exciting thing to discuss.

ProduceIQ unveils new tools to modernize produce procurement

- General News
Introducing the sensible RFP solution. Tailored exclusively for fresh produce buying teams, ProduceIQ’s ‘Quotes’ tool automates recurring price requests, visualizes quotes against your data and the USDA, and negotiates concisely.

ProduceIQ: Heavy rain saturates West Coast

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California can’t shake the gray. The deluge and flood risk should lighten up by Tuesday, but there is a high chance of isolated showers continuing through Wednesday.

ProduceIQ: Strong demand keeps produce price index up 14%

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Driven by strong Superbowl and Valentine’s Day demand, overall produce industry prices remain 14 percent higher than in any prior year.

ProduceIQ Index: Pineapple Express on the hunt

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Pineapple Express takes aim at the West Coast. Among the widespread targets are oranges, green onions, lettuce, leafy greens, and strawberries.