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ProduceIQ: Holiday hangover cure enclosed

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Predictably, post-Thanksgiving green bean prices are falling faster than the snow across the Midwest. Average prices are down -37 percent over the previous week.

ProduceIQ: Thanksgiving week prices more affordable this year

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This week’s price index is a little misleading. Despite appearances, fresh produce for your Turkey Day menu is a bit more affordable than last year.

ProduceIQ: Thanksgiving pull is here, and so is the rain

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Heavy rain is forecasted for the Southeastern U.S. and California this week. This may come as dismal news for growers nearing harvest, but it is a reason to give thanks for off-season growers still fighting the effects of extreme drought.

ProduceIQ: Bezos and tomatoes head South

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El Niño turned the chillers on. Now, growers across North America are scrambling to salvage the last bit of their fall season as production shifts to warmer climates.

ProduceIQ: Pacific hurricane potential remains, as market prices at highest for week #43

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Buckle up and prepare to see significant fluctuations in the supply and prices of products grown in the Salinas/Watsonville areas.

ProduceIQ: Pre-turkey season produce markets mellow

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While we were washing away our last few memories of COVID restrictions at IFPA, Hurricane Norma made landfall on the Southern tip of Baja California, Mexico, as a Category 1 storm and then again in Sinaloa as a tropical storm. Rain from the tropical system will impact growers in North and Central Mexico.

ProduceIQ: Cauliflower markets begin steep hike

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Active tropics are still plaguing fresh produce supply chains. Hurricane Lidia made landfall as a powerful Category 4 Hurricane off the Southwestern Coast of Mexico last week and was closely followed by Tropical Storm Max.

ProduceIQ: Scary high blueberry prices frighten buyers

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Blueberries are El Nino’s most haunting victim yet. A relatively new commodity for Peruvian growers that some believed was too big of a risk to try in the first place.

ProduceIQ: Markets stall as rain threaten supplies

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Over the weekend, the slow-moving tropical storm named Ophelia brought heavy rain to the Carolinas and Virginia. The storm delivered flooding and power outages to coastal communities.

ProduceIQ: Prices keep rising as heat sticks around

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The first day of fall may be Saturday, but summer heat isn’t ready to pass the …