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ProduceIQ: Prices remain elevated as crops move south

- Analysis
After a year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Organic Produce Summit garnered a surprisingly hearty turnout in Monterey, CA. A fitting end to a demanding summer season.

ProduceIQ: Prices rise as the fall approaches

- Analysis
The fresh produce industry is humming as the first day of fall rapidly approaches (at least for us plan-two-weeks-ahead produce folks). Demand is increasing for seasonal items, such as pumpkins, hard squash and apples.

ProduceIQ: Wildfires affect crops in CA and beyond

- Analysis
While astronauts watch from space as California wildfires spew smoke, the fresh produce industry is also keeping a birds-eye view on blazes in the golden state.

ProduceIQ: Rain from Hurricane Ida to disrupt supply chain

- Analysis

Hurricane Ida, a Category 4 storm, blasted into the Southeastern U.S. yesterday. Rain from Ida will …

ProduceIQ adds VP of Insights

- General News
Doug Fisher has joined ProduceIQ as Vice President of Insights, and brings over 30 years of produce industry buying, selling and data analytics experience to the most innovative marketplace for qualified produce buyers and suppliers.

ProduceIQ: Dual hurricanes threaten growing regions

- Analysis
While growing regions in the West have battled ferocious heat and drought throughout the summer, it’s the East Coast’s turn to navigate the challenges that come with turbulent weather.

ProduceIQ: If you grow it, they will come

- Analysis
Somewhere in middle-of-nowhere Iowa, a field of corn has once again transformed into a field of dreams. And ProduceIQ, as adamant Kevin Costner fans and children of the eighties, could not miss the opportunity to talk about one of our more nostalgic commodities, sweet corn.

ProduceIQ: Anything but business as usual in California

- Analysis
Demand is outpacing supply in California, and it has nothing to do with any produce commodity the state is known for. Water is in a demand-exceeds-supply situation.

ProduceIQ: Limes get wet and rise to the occasion

- Analysis
Limes reach a ten-year weekly high, $15.20 for 40-pound cartons. Unfortunately for buyers and growers, record rain throughout the month of June is putting a damper on the beginning of peak season in Veracruz.

ProduceIQ: Avocado growers prepared to fight in defense

- Analysis
Many nuances exist in avocados. Based on average industry sales for this week #29, avocados have the 2nd highest index weight, 10.4%, only trailing cherries. Both old and new crop face the eminent threat of rainy season in Mexico.