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ProduceIQ: Price rises led by lettuce and bell peppers

- General News
Our comment last week that Iceberg Lettuce “is poised to climb higher” proved to be an understatement.

ProduceIQ: Produce prices rise with moderate fire and hurricane disruptions

- Analysis
Unique events dominate the headlines this week, though fortunately having only a slight impact on prices.

Consumer demand keeps citrus prices high

- General News
Pandemic-induced consumer demand for citrus continues to produce strength to the orange and lemon markets.

Pepper demand remains elevated

- General News
Bell pepper prices are significantly higher than last year as the crop transitions from Mexico and desert areas to Central California.

Bell pepper prices should drop as U.S. supplies rise

- General News
The bell pepper market remains elevated as Mexican supplies leave the market and U.S. production kicks into full gear.

Markon Crops Report: Holiday demand returns for many items

- General News
Many fruits and vegetables are starting to see stronger demand with some restaurants opening back up and Memorial Day holiday demand.

Markon crops report: Lettuce, strawberries offer high quality at low prices

- General News

Most crops have a hard time adjusting to changing demand, so the pandemic, which shut down …

Bell Pepper volume crashes to meet fading demand

- General News
Volume has dropped off considerably in the last month, reflecting the weaker demand but also a shift in growing regions.

Oppy expands partnership with Perpetual Vegetable Co.

- General News

Seven years into their successful collaboration, Oppy BB #:116424 has extended its partnership with British Columbia-based …

Pepper Lovers finds natural gas partner

- General News

PRESS RELEASE Pepper Lovers, a division of Growers Union, LLC, BB #:164332, Laredo, TX, started a …