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Do oranges taste better in the shower?

Feet in shower with orange peels
Bonus thought: I also need to clean my grout.

I’m entering month 2 of captivity at my house. I’m willing to try some crazy things, including eating an orange in the shower because the internet told me they taste better.

Let’s face it, oranges are trendy right now. Sales dollars and volume since pandemic shopping began in mid-March are up over 60%. And that’s navel oranges, not the super-trendy easy-peelers. The resurgence of “plain old” navels can be attributed to a few factors, I think, from people looking for the immunity boost of Vitamin C (psst, there are OTHER sources of Vitamin C in the produce department), to value seekers – a bag of navel oranges is a great deal, to the germophobes who just want to grab a lot of fruit, fast, and get out of the store.

When we think of bagged produce, oranges and apples are two traditional options, and people are turning to the familiar and traditional. People trust an online shopper to pick a bag of oranges or apples. They’re predictable, and rarely disappoint.

But, does the internet disappoint in this “shower orange” trend? The Reddit forum that inspired it /r/ShowerOrange first became “famous” a few years ago with a few articles, including this one from NPR.

It’s enjoying a healthy resurgence, and even some TikTok fame nowadays.

So, OF COURSE I had to try an orange in the shower.


  • One rumor said to bite through the zest. I did. I do not recommend.
  • It’s not easy to peel an orange in the shower.
  • Where do you put the peels? I put them on the floor for a possible aromatherapy boost.
  • It’s even less easy to film oneself while peeling an orange in the shower.
  • The iPhone Pro Max is water-resistant, thank goodness.
  • It tasted ok. I know fruit is supposed to have a stronger taste when eaten at room temperature, but lukewarm shower orange is not my flavor profile. I prefer my oranges chilled.

Bottom line, I don’t care what’s inspiring people to buy and eat oranges. I’m 100% in favor of this trend, regardless of the flavor enhancement.

We’ve all got nowhere to go. Might as well eat our oranges in the shower. It’s a fun change of pace when days are blending together.

Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.