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Orange supplies limited between Valencia and Navel seasons

- General News
As the domestic orange market transitions from Valencia to Navel varieties, supplies are light, and prices are high.

California’s 2021-22 navel orange crop to be down 14 percent from last season

- General News
The California Department of Food and Agriculture, along with the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, set its initial crop forecast at 70 million cartons.

USDA report shows California leads U.S. citrus production

- General News
The last USDA citrus report of the season sees a rise in orange production, led by California.

USDA raises forecast for Florida citrus

- General News
The USDA's latest citrus forecast bumps up Florida oranges by 2 percent over last month's estimate.

Peruvian citrus exports reach a historical record in 2020

- International

Peru’s citrus exports set a record in 2020. According to The Foreign Trade Research and Development …

Navel prices on the rise

- General News
A combination of continued strong demand, smaller crop and weather will likely increase California navel orange prices.

Fruit World reports strong citrus growing season

- General News
Fruit World, a family-owned, flavor-focused grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, is reporting an exceptional citrus growing season, including a variety of specialty citrus.

The data behind the orange’s amazing 2020

- General News
Oranges have seen unprecedented success with strong consumer demand at retail during the pandemic. Below are some charts and data points that tell the amazing story the citrus item has had this year.

ProduceIQ: Industry prices falling for Halloween

- Analysis
Prices have descended as production transitions South. Markets are expected to fall further the week before Halloween as new areas of production increase supply volume.

Fruit World enters citrus season with new recyclable packaging

- General News
Fruit World, a family-owned, flavor-focused grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit, enters their 2020 citrus season with bold, new recyclable packaging and increased availability of 100% California-grown organic and conventional mandarins, along with organic oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and sweet limes.