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Peruvian orange exports triple in early season 2023


The 2023 Peruvian orange campaign, which runs from June to December, started on the right foot, with the first two months of the current campaign (June and July) totaling 5.07 million kilos, showing an increase of 210 percent compared to the 1.6 million kilos exported in the same period of last year, Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, president of Inform@cción, told Agraria.

Headshot of Marco Campos, Produce Blue Book's media coordinator for Latin America.

The monthly orange shipments was as follows: June, 1,456,000 kilos (219,470 kilos in the same month of 2022); and July, 3,540,000 kilos (1,415,030 kilos in the same month of the previous year).

He added that so far, through mid-August, 1,908,140 kilos were exported, and at the end of the month it should reach 4 million kilos, when in August 2022 it amounted to 3,114,650 kilos.

“Peruvian orange exports have been falling in recent years. However, so far in the 2023 campaign we have been recovering. The weather has affected the production of this fruit in Spain (Valencia) and the United States (California, Florida), which are large producers,” said Cillóniz.


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services