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Sunkist promotes 10-lb. navel orange holiday carton

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December 8, 2023, Valencia, Calif. – If you’re looking to find the perfect gift or get in the holiday spirit, bring citrus home for the holidays with BB #:102141 Sunkist’s 10-lb. carton of Navel oranges that stretches from the kitchen to home décor to even your neighbors’ doorsteps.  

“There is a sense of nostalgia during the holidays as shoppers reflect on the shared tradition of receiving oranges in their stockings growing up,” says Cassie Howard, Sr. Director of Category Management and Marketing at Sunkist Growers, Inc. “Oranges during the holidays have been a special treat for centuries, and we’re excited to keep citrus-themed traditions alive with our 10-lb. Navel carton program.”  

As inflation continues to impact grocery priorities, Sunkist is committed to helping price-conscious shoppers continue making healthier snack-and-meal alternatives without compromising taste or budget this holiday season.

Sunkist’s festive 10-pound holiday cartons are available in both ribbon crate and gift box designs and are easily stackable for retailers to create eye-catching citrus destinations in the produce aisle to drive the category and capitalize on the holiday shopping rush.  

“According to a recent Sunkist-commissioned study, 45 percent of consumers have gifted or received citrus from loved ones during the holiday season,” adds Howard. “While over half of consumers know that Navel oranges are a traditional stocking stuffer, when speaking with consumers about their need for citrus this season, almost 70 percent reflected that recipe inspiration would increase citrus integration into holiday meals.” 

Sunkist is excited to help your consumers who are looking for stress-free holiday hosting tips or exciting new ways to make their fruit purchases go a little further this holiday season, learn all the ways to get cooking: 

Guaranteed to fit in with all your holiday meal plans (but not your stocking), be sure to contact your local Sunkist sales rep to learn more about the 10-lb. Navel orange carton to help extend citrus-infused holiday celebrations through the New Year.  

Sunkist Growers is a citrus marketing cooperative, founded in 1893, which is owned by and operated for thousands of family farmers growing citrus in California and Arizona. For more information, visit