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Tomatoes: A look at Mexican imports

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According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service’s 2021 Tomato Annual Report, Mexico’s SIAP (Agrifood and Fisheries Information System) cites an estimated 80 percent of Mexican tomato exports coming into the United States are grown under protection.

ProduceIQ: Western crops add magical ride East to their Christmas wish list

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A few heavy volume commodities held big numbers this week, preventing an industry-wide collapse in prices.

Tomatoes: Greenhouse-grown grows

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While most tomatoes are grown traditionally in an open field, greenhouse tomatoes are an ever-expanding portion of the market, due to the success of these high-tech, high-density operations, particularly in Mexico and Canada.

NatureSweet seeks specialty tomato exceptions from the tomato suspension agreement

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San Antonio-based NatureSweet says specialty tomatoes do not belong in the same market category as “commodity” tomatoes, and the company is seeking exceptions from the 2019 suspension agreement on tomatoes from Mexico.

Tomatoes: Old favorites and new flavors keep the category surging

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Love apple? Wolf peach? Call it what you may, the tomato is one of the world’s most popular produce items whether it’s eaten raw, cooked, or juiced.

ProduceIQ: Mexican crossings drive market prices

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After four weeks of descent, the ProduceIQ Index rebounded by +2 percent. Overall, produce prices tend to increase from the increased demand of the December holiday season and slightly due to the import of cherries.

ProduceIQ: Prices are ‘stuffed’ on low yields and a strong Thanksgiving pull

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You may have things to be thankful for this year, but fresh produce buyers are struggling …

EFI-certified NatureSweet tomatoes earn Award for Excellence

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Equitable Food Initiative is proud to announce that EFI-certified NatureSweet Tomatoes has earned a Communitas Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility thanks to leadership efforts during the pandemic.

Pure Flavor expands organic line

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Leamington, ON (October 27th, 2021) – Pure Flavor® BB #:170379 is introducing two new fresh products …

ProduceIQ: Markets absorb chaos to achieve virtual balance

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Between yet another Mexican hurricane, “Rick,” and Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, things just can’t seem to get any stranger. Here to make some sense out of the chaos, your weekly market highlights: