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AppHarvest’s first greenhouse tomato crop heads to stores

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AppHarvest, a leading AgTech company building some of the country’s largest high-tech indoor farms to grow affordable, nutritious fruits and vegetables at scale, has announced that its first-ever harvest—Beefsteak tomatoes from its 60-acre Morehead, Kentucky, flagship indoor farm—will start to roll out in grocery stores this week.

Tomato prices rise on light supplies

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Tomato volumes are tight and may remain until mid-January from both Mexico and Florida. That has caused prices to remain significantly higher than normal.

ProduceIQ: Markets quietly anticipate New Year

- Analysis
Demand varies by region depending on the level of foodservice restrictions. The high level of activity in my hometown of North Palm Beach, FL, is a direct indication that New York is struggling.

ProduceIQ: tomatoes, melons, cherries lead modest price increase

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Current price losers include categories of berries, wet vegetables and lettuce. Blackberries led the decline, -22 percent, as Mexico continues to offer reliable supply.

ProduceIQ: Slow demand leads to lowest produce prices in 10 years

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Fears that the pandemic would dominate the holiday season have turned into reality. Christmas and New Year sales, holidays driven by restaurants, are simply not materializing.

Village Farms announces new ‘Sensational’ tomato variety

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Village Farms is pleased to introduce its newest exclusive tomato variety, Sensational Sara.

Agros Produce partners IFCO RPCs for tomatoes

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Agros Produce LLC, the pioneer in the production of tomatoes grown in high-tech greenhouses in Mexico, has partnered with IFCO Systems, the world’s leading provider of Reusable Plastic Containers for fresh food packaging.

USDA reduces size of Florida Tomato Committee

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The USDA is amending the Florida Tomato Marketing Order to reduce membership of the Florida Tomato Committee from 12 to 10, extend the length of the terms of office from one to two years, and reduce the quorum requirements from eight to six.

Prices jump on Florida-grown commodities

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Homestead, FL, was directly impacted by Tropical Storm Eta with heavy wind and rain. As a result, Tomatoes, Beans, Cucumbers and Squash, all commodities grown in Homestead, experienced a major jump in price.

Tomato prices rise, showing signs for strong Q4

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The tomato industry has weathered the pandemic well, and this fall, both volume and prices are higher than the past two years.