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Nature Sweet faces the coronavirus

- Analysis
Recently we checked in with NatureSweet to see how they had been faring in the rocky months of 2020.

Mastronardi completes 5th EFI certification

- General News
Mastronardi Produce (sold under the SUNSET brand) has certified its fifth operation through Equitable Food Initiative.

Robotic harvesting: The future comes closer

- Analysis
The U.S. produce industry seems to be trapped in a race against time. Will it solve its labor difficulties—exacerbated but not created by the coronavirus—in time?

Mexican agri-food exports grew more than 4 percent in the first half of 2020

- International
Mexico’s food exports surged 4 percent above last year for the first half of 2020 despite the pandemic, and while fresh produce factors heavily, it wasn’t the top export item.

Tomato border inspections: So far, so good

- Analysis
Nearly five months after they began, how well have the border inspections worked?

Strong consumer demand props up tomato market

- General News
The pandemic effect on the tomato market may be good for everyone involved. Volume is up, but with consumer demand much stronger than last year, prices are staying above last year’s levels.

Oppy begins Oceanside Pole tomato summer harvest

- General News
Oppy is ushering in the summer season with highly-anticipated Oceanside Pole label roma and round tomatoes, with harvest underway and volume expected to peak in September and October.

Tomato price rise unrelated to pandemic

- General News
Tomatoes volumes are in a downward trend in June, which is causing prices to be higher than previous years for June. Agtools analysis shows this is not related to the pandemic, but rather to the normal seasonal shift.

USDA proposes adding Romas to Florida tomato marketing order

- General News
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing changes to the handling requirements under the federal marketing order for tomatoes grown in Florida.

Markon Crops Report: Holiday demand returns for many items

- General News
Many fruits and vegetables are starting to see stronger demand with some restaurants opening back up and Memorial Day holiday demand.