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NatureSweet partners with Barilla for protein salad

- General News
NatureSweet, North America’s leading vertically integrated agricultural company and the top selling brand in snacking tomatoes is teaming up with Barilla, the world’s leading pasta maker, to transform salads with the launch of their co-branded campaign, “Salads Done Right”, offering a new spin on salads.

Calavo Growers to co-brand tomatoes with Agricola Belher

- General News
Seventeen years into their successful partnership, Calavo Growers and Agrícola Belher are celebrating their alliance by co-branding their high quality tomatoes.

ProduceIQ: Warm weather drives down fresh produce prices as commodity supply surges

- Featured
Produce markets are experiencing a shift as warmer weather brings new Western and Southeastern growing regions online.

Mexican ag exports grow in early 2024

- International
Mexico’s agricultural exports increased almost 9 percent in the first two months of 2024, helping the country register a record-high agricultural trade surplus

Mastronardi Produce introduces tropical tomato Bahama Bombs

- General News
Mastronardi Produce, the fourth-generation family-owned company that pioneered commercial greenhouse growing in North America, has launched its latest SUNSET Bombs product in retail, introducing Bahama Bombs to its loyal fanbase.

Florida Tomato Exchange: Lawsuit remand shows Mexican tomato industry can’t avoid dumping charges

- General News
This week, in response to a lawsuit by a large Mexican tomato exporter, the U.S. Court of International Trade remanded a 2019 decision to the Department of Commerce, which had determined Mexican tomatoes were being dumped in the U.S. market.

Sunset review looms as tomato suspension agreement awaits challenge decision  

- General News
Months of radio silence from the Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission has the produce industry wondering about the fate of the tomato suspension agreement.  

FPAA: Record winter tomato prices contradict price suppression claims

- General News
During a recent winter tomato season characterized by poor weather, very limited shipments, and record pricing of $40-plus per carton, Florida’s tomato sector nonetheless continued to claim that “U.S. growers’ prices are being suppressed.”

Kaliroy Fresh to debut new tomato packaging at Viva Fresh

- General News
At Viva Fresh in Houston, Texas, April 11 – 13, 2024, Kaliroy Fresh LLC will be officially launching a new, exclusive peel back shaker snacking tomato clamshell made from recycled PET.

Nature Fresh Farms’ Hiiros tomatoes honored in 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Snack Awards

- General News
Nature Fresh Farms is proud to announce that Hiiros Tomatoes were named a winner in the 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Snack Awards as “Best Snacking Tomatoes” under the Powerhouse Produce category.