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ProduceIQ: Glorious spuds have never been more expensive

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At $28, an 80-count Russet potato market continues to be 60 percent higher than prior years. And unfortunately for potato lovers, pricey spuds aren’t anything new.

ProduceIQ: Prices dropping despite weather problems

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The U.S. has a nearly 90 percent chance of seeing El Nino weather trends persist this summer. So what does that mean for fresh produce? In general, this means the South can expect cooler and wetter than average weather (welcome news for non-snowbird Florida residents), and the North can expect dryer and warmer than average weather.

Sunset releases the Fifth Taste: Umami Bombs snacking tomatoes

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Mastronardi Produce has revealed its latest product launch with the addition of Umami The Fifth Taste to its award-winning line of snacking tomatoes on the vine.

ProduceIQ: Spring showers now affecting East Coast harvests

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More wet Southeast weather is in the forecast this week—welcome news for drought-weary Florida, but not as joyful news for tomato lovers. Showers are forecasted to barrel through the state beginning Monday afternoon and continue through the week. 

Florida tomato industry seeks nominations for committee

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The Florida Tomato Committee will hold a virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 10, for tomato producers to nominate fellow growers or themselves to serve on the Committee for a two-year term, from September 2023 to September 2025.

GRAPHIC: Tomatoes by the numbers

- Analysis
Tomatoes are one of the most popular produce items, led by the Plum and Roma varieties, but volumes have been lower than normal this year. Consequently, prices have been higher so far in 2023. In this graphic by Agtools, see the story in charts and graphics.

ProduceIQ: Cold front pushes off Spring demand

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Spring has sprung, but the cold weather missed its exit cue. A cold front is sweeping the U.S. early this week, bringing rain and unseasonably chilly temperatures.

Sound Agriculture to release new tomato variety using ‘On-Demand Breeding’

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Today, Sound Agriculture announced the launch of the Summer Swell tomato, a new slicing tomato variety with superior taste and extended peak flavor.

Fresh produce stars in Mexico’s record 2022 ag exports

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In 2022, Mexican agricultural exports registered a new record with a value of $50.1 billion compared to the $44.7 billion in 2021, reflecting an increase of 12.2 percent, according to the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER).

ProduceIQ: Late winter prices soften as anticipated

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Cold, ice, and snow will spread steadily from the West Coast to the East Coast throughout the week. Growing regions in the Southeast will be protected from the cold snap, but some growing areas in the Southwest may experience ice and unseasonably cold temperatures.