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Summer Stock: Sweet corn and berries

- Produce Blueprints
For Mark Hayes, president of Harvard, IL-based grower-shipper Twin Garden Sales, Inc., summer produce means sweet corn.

ProduceIQ: Extreme heat continues; Cherries ‘break’ the index

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Cherries in the Northwest are mourning the loss of their fallen brethren. Due to a late snow in April, which devastated the bloom in some regions, cherries have insufficient volume for the spot market.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods launches summer sweet corn sweepstakes

- General News
Duda Farm Fresh Foods, a leading grower of fresh vegetables and citrus, launches the "Sweet That Can't Be Beat" sweepstakes, encouraging consumers to get a little corny this summer with a promotion centered around Dandy® sweet corn.

ProduceIQ: A few ‘buys’ open before Mother’s Day

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In produce terms, it's OK to pay a little more for quality product. Due to warmer spring temperatures, fresh produce markets across the country are beginning to benefit from wonderful produce at fair prices.

ProduceIQ: Spring prices stabilize at elevated levels

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Produce markets held steady over the previous week in a surprising hiatus from springtime volatility. Price increases in berries, tomatoes, and corn offset declines in lettuce, celery, and asparagus prices. Still, it wouldn't be a week in fresh produce without a touch of drama.

ProduceIQ: Cold snap singes Florida crops

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Winter Olympians and Ottawa truckers weren't the only ones shivering in the bitter cold this week. Across the country, temperatures plunged as two massive storms battered much of the U.S.

ProduceIQ: If you grow it, they will come

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Somewhere in middle-of-nowhere Iowa, a field of corn has once again transformed into a field of dreams. And ProduceIQ, as adamant Kevin Costner fans and children of the eighties, could not miss the opportunity to talk about one of our more nostalgic commodities, sweet corn.

This corny Korn-themed sweet corn display is *chef’s kiss* perfection

- Produce with Pamela
I came across this flippin’ sweet corn display at H-E-B’s Central Market over the weekend and couldn’t resist snapping a photo.