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Waste and wrapping cucumbers

- Analysis
A new study by Wrap, a British organization promoting sustainability, has released a study contending that wrapping certain fresh produce items, notably apples, potatoes, bananas, broccoli, and cucumbers in plastic is not necessary and promotes waste.

Costco moves away from plastic packaging in produce

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The change to corrugated packaging for apples started in 2020 as part of the company’s efforts to add more recyclable and compostable packaging.

Berry companies introduce Innovation Challenge to address plastic waste

- General News
Fresh berry leader Driscoll’s has partnered with Think Beyond Plastic to launch an inaugural Agricultural Plastics Innovation Challenge, which aims to stimulate new recycling processes and the development of alternatives to conventionally used field plastics.

European packaging restriction will have consequences

- General News
North American produce companies that export to Europe face new regulations on packaging.

Driscoll’s signs New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

- General News
Driscoll’s, the world’s fresh berry leader, today joins The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to help advance its pledge to prioritize sustainable packaging solutions that protect fresh berries while minimizing an environmental impact.

Review: Nature Fresh compostable cuke wraps

- Produce with Pamela
Have we found a compromise between shelf life and plastic?

Nature Fresh Farms launches home-compostable cucumber wrap

- General News
An alternative to traditional polyethylene plastic, this film is an environmentally friendly compostable wrap that breaks down in a household compost without leaving behind microplastics.

Aldi releases 5-year plastic reduction plan

- Retail
As a founding Activator of the U.S. Plastics Pact, ALDI U.S., along with other members of the pact, has agreed to contribute toward four ambitious goals.

Demand to cut single-use plastic continues

- General News
Not even a pandemic appears to be altering consumers’ wish to cut down on single-use plastic packaging, and the produce industry is working on solutions.

Reconsidering single-use plastic bags

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Like everything else, reusable bags have come under scrutiny in the time of the coronavirus.