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Nature Fresh Farms launches home-compostable cucumber wrap

- General News
An alternative to traditional polyethylene plastic, this film is an environmentally friendly compostable wrap that breaks down in a household compost without leaving behind microplastics.

Aldi releases 5-year plastic reduction plan

- Retail
As a founding Activator of the U.S. Plastics Pact, ALDI U.S., along with other members of the pact, has agreed to contribute toward four ambitious goals.

Demand to cut single-use plastic continues

- General News
Not even a pandemic appears to be altering consumers’ wish to cut down on single-use plastic packaging, and the produce industry is working on solutions.

Reconsidering single-use plastic bags

- Featured
Like everything else, reusable bags have come under scrutiny in the time of the coronavirus.

Plastic in produce gets a pass – for now

- Featured
In my reporting, I’ve advocated for plastic when it serves a function. And right now, that function is reassuring consumers that their food is safe.

The Plight of Plastics in fresh produce

- General News
Plastic in fresh produce isn't the enemy, but how can we use it in the smartest way?

Canadian Produce Marketing Association and VCM International Release Plastic Packaging Technical Report and Roadmap

- General News
The Technical Report details the results of months of research on Canadian and global plastic use, focusing on the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain’s impact.

CPMA podcast digs into produce and plastic

- Produce with Pamela
If you haven’t caught the CPMA Produce Talks podcast lately, you missed a great one talking about plastic.

Plastic packaging is not the enemy, says panel at FPAA

- General News
Consumers say they want less food packaging, especially single-use plastic. But two produce industry leaders say plastic packaging is often the best way to reduce food waste and improve food safety, and burdensome restrictions on plastic will have unintended negative consequences.

Can we go plastic-free in the grape category?

- Featured
While it does serve a purpose for many items in the produce department, there are many who'd like to see a plastic-free produce department.  Is it possible?