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ProduceIQ: Relentless wind and rain pound Southern California

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For the first time in 84 years, a tropical storm has hit Southern California. Hurricane Hilary struck the coast of Mexico and then Southern California as a tropical storm yesterday.

Melissa’s unveils early arrival of Hatch peppers

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Hatch peppers, grown exclusively in the fertile soils of the Hatch Valley in New Mexico, are renowned for their unique combination of sweetness, heat and smokiness.

Ark Foods ‘kicks up the heat’ during IFPA Foodservice show

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Ark Foods, a modern-day farming company on a mission to rejuvenate the agriculture industry in America by showcasing the magic of vegetables, is bringing the heat to this year’s International Fresh Produce Association’s Foodservice Conference in Monterey, CA.

Are nightshades being unfairly targeted by social media?

- Analysis
Nutritional news is often so confusing and contradictory that someone might just give up on fruits and vegetables and reach for the Twinkies.

Wholesum debuts organic Italian sweet peppers

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Wholesum, Fair Trade Certified growers and shippers of organic farm-fresh vegetables, introduces new Italian sweet peppers, Dolci Belles.

Tatayoyo pepper wins the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2023

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The winner of this year’s Innovation Award is a pepper from Rijk Zwaan in the Netherlands marketed under the brand name Tatayoyo.

Divine Flavor announces Product Heroes program

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Michael DuPuis, quality assurance and public relations manager for Nogales, AZ-based Divine Flavor, says his company will be releasing its Product Heroes campaign, which is designed to highlight the health benefits of certain produce items.

ProduceIQ: Produce spices up supply chain

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While the rest of the world may be shocked to hear of a chili pepper shortage, the produce industry has been abuzz with the saucy news for some time.

ProduceIQ: Week #1 confirms nothing is boring about fresh produce

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The adage that "even Vegas is boring to a produce farmer" holds true as the new year begins. Even the shelf-stable 'hardware' items such as carrots, potatoes and onions, are encountering price spikes and significant supply challenges.

Cool weather causes bell pepper prices to rise

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Bell pepper supplies are slowing as cool California evening weather affects ripening.