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Driscoll’s campaign highlights premium strawberries

- General News
Driscoll’s has launched its latest digital projects, including its Berry Patch Sensory Wheels and a collection of “Specialty Strawberry Mini Sets” to support the brand’s high-flavor strawberry collection.

Taylor Farms expands marketing campaign through September

- General News
Taylor Farms, a leading producer of salads and healthy fresh foods, launched their third flight of the extremely successful Taylor to Your Tastes marketing campaign.

Litehouse-sponsored PGA golfer has heartbreaking weekend

- General News
Litehouse Inc., signed a multi-year partnership with professional golfer and PGA Tour member Justin Lower in June, but he may not be on the PGA Tour next season. 

DNO Produce celebrates the school year with produce yearbook

- General News
As schools finish the academic year, DNO Produce (DNO) released its own yearbook to celebrate fruits, veggies, and the team of humans behind them. Enjoy the yearbook on DNO’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and website on June 16.

Moxxy gives marketing lesson with Desbry brand

- General News
A strong marketing program can make the difference between stagnant sales and exceptional growth.

The case for produce brands over generic private labels

- General News
Modern consumers demand to know more about their food, especially fruits and vegetables, and generic retail brands don’t provide that.

Behind Equifruit’s bold rebranding strategy

- Produce with Pamela
I talked with Kim Chackal of Equifruit about the company's change from crunchy granola Fairtrade to "The Only Banana You Should Buy." Here's how bringing the attitude is also bringing the sales to this Montreal-based company.

Fusion wins retail marketing service award

- General News
Fusion, a business-to-business integrated marketing agency focused on fresh produce and grocery in the retail environment, was named a top ten retail marketing service company by Retail Tech Insights magazine.

FullTilt Marketing to lead NCSPC’s marketing and public relations

- General News
The North Carolina SweetPotato Commission named FullTilt Marketing its domestic agency for marketing and public relations.

Crunch Time Apple Growers announce new partnership

- General News
Crunch Time Apple Growers, the collective of growers responsible for SnapDragon and RubyFrost apples, has granted Rice Fruit Company, a premier apple packaging and marketing facility license to market both SnapDragon and RubyFrost apples effective immediately for the 2021 harvest.