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Ten Acre Marketing celebrates 5th anniversary

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GRAND FORKS, ND (January 15, 2024) – Ten Acre Marketing, BB #:385974 a full-service marketing agency that positions brands to advance agriculture, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this January. As agriculture continues to innovate and seek out new opportunities, Ten Acre Marketing is uniquely positioned to support its client’s goals, leaning on its agriculture insights to deliver strategic services, tailored to each company’s varying needs.

In 2019, Leah Halverson, leveraging her extensive experience in agricultural marketing and a rich family legacy in farming, founded Ten Acre Marketing. The company’s roots trace back to a bold decision in 1928 by her great-grandfather, Hallie Halverson. Transitioning from banking to farming, Hallie began cultivating potatoes on a modest ten-acres of land in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. This small but significant plot laid the foundation for what would become Black Gold Farms, a family business thriving in potato farming across ten states for over four generations.

Leah Halverson reflects, “Those original ten acres symbolize much more than just land; they represent the courage it took for Hallie to delve into a new industry, the foresight to recognize the potential in potato farming, and the passion for agriculture that has been a guiding force in our family. These values – bravery, insight, passion, and enjoyment – are the cornerstones of Ten Acre Marketing. As we serve each client, these principles inspire us to make bold marketing choices and ensure a delightful experience for our customers.

Driven by the vision to amplify the power of agriculture, Ten Acre Marketing is headquartered in North Dakota, and supported by a full-remote team of ten marketing professionals across the states of Minnesota, Michigan, Virginia, Georgia and California.

In January 2020, a year after the inception of Ten Acre Marketing, Halverson welcomed Erin Dickson to the team. Dickson brought a wealth of experience, comprising 20 years in the industry, primarily in brand management and agency roles. Her extensive background has been instrumental in shaping a robust production agriculture portfolio for the agency. Her expertise encompasses vital areas such as finance, crop and animal agriculture, and farmer-led commodity advocacy groups, making her an invaluable asset for the agency’s diverse clientele.

“Joining Leah at Ten Acre Marketing was an obvious choice for me,” shared Dickson, Senior Vice President, Ten Acre Marketing. “This role has enabled me to leverage my deep experience in brand management and agency work, applying it to the unique challenges of production agriculture to deliver big and bold strategies for our clients.”

Produce marketing veteran, Mary Heslep joined Halverson and Dickson in 2021 to focus on the development of their fruit and vegetable portfolio. Having led United Fresh Produce Association’s marketing and communications department for nearly seven years, Heslep’s produce network and insights of the vertically integrated supply chain have benefited the agency’s clients since the day she began. Her marketing and creative expertise is built on a foundation of brand strategy and design practice, working in a variety of industries including food and beverage advertising, pharmaceutical distribution and the global produce supply chain.

“I got to know Leah as a member of the association, working collaboratively with her for many years,” shared Heslep, Senior Vice President, Ten Acre Marketing. “Having witnessed her growth, I knew that Ten Acre Marketing would provide the environment for me to continue to support my produce network in a new capacity, leveraging my experience and meeting my desire to continue working in fresh produce.”

In order to meet client’s growing needs, Ten Acre Marketing has invested in the development of their performance team, led by Terri Spencer, Vice President of Creative Services.

“I’m thrilled to contribute to the growth of Ten Acre Marketing, leading the performance team,” shared Spencer. “Growing up on a farm instilled in me an appreciation for the power and potential of agriculture. I look forward to solving our clients’ challenges with creative new solutions.”

Halverson concludes, “Our people are our greatest asset. With decades of marketing experience, and lifetimes of agriculture insights, our team culture has been curated strategically to be able to provide outcomes for our clients across the vast agriculture industry, that advance their businesses, which advances agriculture.

“Five years behind us feels like a blink of an eye, but when we look at our body of work, I’m humbled as I reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish in partnership with our clients,” she added. “The next five years will continue to provide growth and joy as we continue to position brands to advance agriculture.”

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Ten Acre is a marketing firm that positions brands to advance agriculture. It is founded from a lifetime of farming experience, a wealth of marketing knowledge and an unrivaled industry network.
Founded in 2019, by a 4th generation potato farmer with the confidence of a farmer’s voice, together with a world-class team, a healthy respect and deep understanding of the rapid pace of change in agriculture, Ten Acre is a catalyst for growth across an expanding agricultural supply chain. For more information go to