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D’Arrigo Brothers celebrates century

andy boy old photos
(Left) Andy D’Arrigo in the 1950’s; Andy D’Arrigo as a young boy, the face behind the legacy and company logo.

Salinas, California – January 31, 2024 — A century of resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence come to the forefront as D’Arrigo California BB #:114843 celebrates the remarkable 100th birthday of Andy D’Arrigo.

Born in 1924, Andy witnessed the growth and evolution of the family business throughout his lifetime. With roots dating back to the emigration of his father and uncle from Messina, Italy in 1907, the company has become a symbol of dedication, hard work, and a commitment to quality.

Andy’s illustrious career is marked by a legacy of innovation, strategic leadership, and a profound passion for the produce industry. During his years of guidance, D’Arrigo California flourished into a renowned brand, and his vision set the standard for excellence in the field.

As the charismatic face of the Andy Boy brand from the age of three, he became a symbol of trust and authenticity. His image gracing the company’s label is a testament to the values he instilled in the business and the connection he maintained with customers over the years.

The centennial celebration is an opportunity for D’Arrigo California to reflect on its rich heritage and express gratitude for the enduring impact of Andy D’Arrigo’s leadership. The company will honor this milestone with a series of commemorative events, highlighting key moments from Andy’s tenure and the company’s history.

John D’Arrigo, Andy’s son and current President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board expressed, “Reaching 100 years is an extraordinary achievement, and my dad is a living legend whose contributions to our community, company, and the produce industry are immeasurable. His dedication, resilience, and foresight have helped shape D’Arrigo California into what it is today, and we are immensely proud to celebrate this momentous occasion with him.”

Andy D’Arrigo remains an inspiration to generations within the D’Arrigo California family, and his impact will continue to resonate for years to come. The company looks forward to honoring his legacy and embarking on the next chapter of success, guided by the principles that Andy so passionately upheld throughout his remarkable career.

About D’Arrigo California
Founded in 1923 by Andy D’Arrigo’s father and uncle after emigrating from Messina, Italy, D’Arrigo California has evolved into a leading force in the produce industry. Celebrating a century of existence, the company continues to thrive under the third-generation leadership of John D’Arrigo, honoring the legacy of its visionary founders.