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Westside Produce, Classic Fruit hire marketing director for recent partnership


Firebaugh, CA – Earlier this year, Westside Produce BB #:149536 and Classic Fruit BB #:194271 announced their strategic alliance to provide melons to customers 52 weeks a year. To lead the branding and marketing of their new program, they hired Tara Monreal to step into an all-new role as Marketing Director.

“It’s vital we continue building the alliance’s brand and communicate it to customers in order to express now being able to provide an uninterrupted supply of fresh melons to them all year long,” comments Monreal. “This alliance is a pioneer in the melon industry, and I am thrilled to help tell that story and build those relationships with our partners.”

Monreal brings on a plethora of marketing and communications experience, coming from her previous role at The Walt Disney Company, where she worked for their International Communications segment with a background in market research.

“Tara’s knowledge and experience in the marketing space is broad,” mentions Garrett Patricio of Westside Produce. “She’s bringing new ideas to the table and asks questions we’ve never asked ourselves. Her robust understanding of key marketing concepts has invigorated our sales team to reach beyond their comfort zone and this fresh perspective will deliver better value to our customers and ultimately the strategic direction of the alliance.”

Her role includes the responsibility of taking the lead on all marketing activities including branding and positioning and providing support to the sales team in business development and customer service. The implementation of this new position will benefit in elevating the alliance’s mission and goals.

“Our alliance brings us together as well-established melon producer/shippers with objectives of growing consistent quality melons, utilizing food safety and product traceability protocols, and practicing social/environmental sustainability efforts,” states Paul Raggio of Classic Fruit. “Now that we have melons available for shipment year-round, the addition of Tara as Marketing Director will help us consistently provide a united message to customers as well as generate opportunity for how the Alliance may be better able to serve them in the future.”

Together, Westside Produce and Classic Fruit look forward to continued growth and success. For more information on the alliance or future opportunities, Monreal can be contacted via her email, 


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