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Divine Flavor to extend grape program into California

divine flavor california grapes
Jimmy Yin and Jon Williams (courtesy Divine Flavor)

Nogales, AZ – June 18, 2024 – Grape grower-shipper, Divine Flavor BB #:204689, in collaboration with Niabell Farms, announced they will expand their offerings of table grapes from California for the first time starting this July.

The expansion into Bakersfield, CA will bridge the gap between the end of the Mexican season and the start of the South American imports—fulfilling an essential window for Divine Flavor’s year-round supply of premium table grapes.

“Thanks to this joint venture with Naibell Farms, Divine Flavor has found a formal solution of becoming a true year-round supplier in the table grape category,” says Divine Flavor’s Senior VP of Sales, Carlos Bon.

“We have a footprint in the early, mid, and late parts of California with 100% proprietary varieties, focusing on the best flavor and the newer generation of table grapes.”

Divine Flavor currently produces grapes at their vineyards of Grupo Alta based in Jalisco and Sonora, MX, which harvests from April to July. The company also has strategic grape-growing partnerships throughout Peru, Chile, and South Africa which supply the brand from November to April/May, but this will be the company’s first branded grape supply from the United States.

Carlos, speaking about the motivation behind the move into California, highlights the importance of offering premium grapes to clients and retailers beyond the typical season with the Mexican and South American grape imports.

“With our decision to grow grapes in California and partner with Niabell Farms, there is a shared vision to mirror the success seen in our vineyards across Mexico, Peru, and Chile, ensuring our customers can expect exceptional grape varieties throughout the entire year,” says Carlos.

“This strategic plan demonstrates Divine Flavor’s dedication to delivering top-quality grapes and maintaining strong relationships with our valued customers not only during our traditional seasons but on a year-round basis. We want to continue providing them with flavor and service.”

Jon Williams, President and CEO of Niabell Farms, mentions that the partnership with Divine Flavor has been a project in the making for several years. He and his partners are thrilled to begin producing grapes in the Divine Flavor label.

“We are ecstatic to begin this business partnership with who we believe is a key player in the table grape category,” says Jon. “We know how important flavor and great eating grapes are to this industry and we are happy to be the partners who will help Divine Flavor continue supplying their customers with the best proprietary varieties the industry has to offer.”

Niabell Farms will begin packing for the Divine Flavor brand starting mid-July as the Sonora, Mexico season concludes, Jon added.

Update on Sonora

Sonora, which is approximately halfway through its grape season, faced a challenging start as it competed with other fruit categories like cherries, berries, and stone fruit, along with late grape arrivals from Chile. Despite the tough beginning, Mexican table grapes are now positioning themselves favorably as the Sonora grape deal moves into the mid to late weeks of June.

“It’s been a challenging start to the Sonora season; however, we are excited for these next few weeks as this is when Divine Flavor starts harvesting our specialty varieties,” says Carlos.

“There will be a lot of focus these next few weeks on Sweet Celebration, Sweet Globe, and of course our dessert menu: Cotton Candy, Gummyberries, and Jellyberries.”

Divine Flavor has one of the latest ranches in Caborca, Sonora, that will harvest the company’s late candy varieties until the first weeks of July just before their California crop arrives.

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