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Natural Delights expanding presence in Canada

Natural Delights' Strategic Marketing Amplifies Presence in Canada

YUMA, Ariz. – North America’s favorite Medjool date brand, Natural Delights, BB #:163391 is returning to CPMA this year with award-winning products and a successful Canadian marketing program in tow.

For the last several years, Natural Delights has focused its efforts on expanding distribution globally to meet the growing demand for Medjool dates. As part of these efforts, the brand has partnered with Canadian trade and consumer media, as well as influencers, to bolster brand recognition in one of its largest export markets.

This year, Natural Delights partnered with “Canada’s Baking Sweetheart” Anna Olson to help elevate the brand through her unrivaled reputation and prominence. Anna experienced Medjool date harvest first-hand in September and cataloged her experience on her Oh Yum Youtube channel, which has since become the second most viewed video just below her introduction video. She also hosted baking demonstrations on Canada’s most high profile morning shows. Anna’s support has earned Natural Delights more than 25 million impressions this year.

Anna Olson at Harvest Tour

“Our marketing efforts have focused on educating consumers about the health benefits and versatility of Medjool dates, while highlighting our commitment to sustainability and ethical farming practices,” said Natural Delights Director of Marketing David Baxter.

Natural Delights 2 lb. Whole Dates are the top-selling SKU in Canada, and the brand offers a wide range of merchandising options including display racks, shippers, and pallet displays. Thanks to the company’s successful marketing efforts, shoppers are actively looking for the brand in their local stores. Retailers are encouraged to take advantage of merchandising options that prominently display Natural Delights products and make them easy to find.

“Canadian retailers have come to expect consistency and the highest standard of excellence with Natural Delights products,” added Natural Delights Canadian Sales Director Mauro Santelli. “Our French & English packaging, product variety, and commitment to providing resources to shoppers has made the brand a top choice for Canadians.”

As Natural Delights Medjool Dates continues to gain traction in Canada, the brand has been expanding its distribution channels to meet the increasing demand. Natural Delights Medjool Dates are now available in various grocery stores, specialty food markets, and online retailers across Canada, making it easier for consumers to access their delicious and wholesome Medjool dates.

To see why Natural Delights are Canada’s preferred Medjool date brand, visit booth #630 at CPMA April 25-27.

Bard Valley Natural Delights Logo

About Natural Delights

Natural Delights Medjool Dates, the leading Medjool date brand in the country, is a naturally sweet, whole fresh fruit grown in Bard Valley at the intersection of Arizona, California and Mexico where its very specific set of growing conditions are met. Water conservation, sustainable energy and connection with their community are the pillars of their organization. The Bard Valley Date Growers lead the industry in farming and best harvest practices. Every farm is subject to the same stringent certification process to ensure that every Natural Delights Medjool Date is grown to exacting standards. For more information on Bard Valley Natural Delights, please visit