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Produce veterans start citrus and lime sourcing company

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Produce and citrus industry veterans have teamed up to form a new company specializing in global lime and citrus sourcing with a strong North American distribution team.

ProduceIQ: Prices begin decline as new crops warm-up

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Lots of insane weather in Florida and throughout the Southeast this past week. Heavy rain, golf ball-sized hail, severe wind, and even a few tornadoes in Palm Beach County caused damage to the homes, cars, and the remaining crops of producers in the state.

ProduceIQ: Easter demand strengthens prices

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It’s Easter week, and produce markets are reacting strongly to the jump in holiday demand and decrease in the supply of heavily weighted commodities like grapes and berries. Overall prices are up +10 percent over the previous week.

ProduceIQ: Cold front pushes off Spring demand

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Spring has sprung, but the cold weather missed its exit cue. A cold front is sweeping the U.S. early this week, bringing rain and unseasonably chilly temperatures.

ProduceIQ: Late winter prices soften as anticipated

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Cold, ice, and snow will spread steadily from the West Coast to the East Coast throughout the week. Growing regions in the Southeast will be protected from the cold snap, but some growing areas in the Southwest may experience ice and unseasonably cold temperatures.

ProduceIQ: Another winter storm stresses markets

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Cool weather tightens domestic supply and ups overall produce prices. For the second week in a row, a winter storm is bringing much-needed hydration to parched California, albeit while causing some temporary havoc for growers and shippers across Central and North America.

ProduceIQ: How winter storm Elliott is disrupting the produce supply chain

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As the romaine market crashes, lime prices are on the rise earlier than normal, and celery is set to skyrocket beyond the highs we saw in 2019.

ProduceIQ: Markets remain elevated during fall transition

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September’s inflation report is out, and it isn’t exactly soothing. Grocery prices remain a whopping 13 percent over the previous year, down slightly from 13.5 percent from August’s report. Economists are concerned that price increases show little to no signs of slowing down.

ProduceIQ: Apple prices at 10-year high, strawberries double in a week

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No amount of rain can spoil our apple season parade.

ProduceIQ: Lower demand, economic pessimism help to lower prices

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Global markets plummeted last week in response to August’s U.S. inflation report. Consequently, many Americans may forgo purchasing their favorite pumpkin spice-scented candle this fall, among other optional fall purchases.