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ProduceIQ: Markets remain elevated during fall transition

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September’s inflation report is out, and it isn’t exactly soothing. Grocery prices remain a whopping 13 percent over the previous year, down slightly from 13.5 percent from August’s report. Economists are concerned that price increases show little to no signs of slowing down.

ProduceIQ: Apple prices at 10-year high, strawberries double in a week

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No amount of rain can spoil our apple season parade.

ProduceIQ: Lower demand, economic pessimism help to lower prices

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Global markets plummeted last week in response to August’s U.S. inflation report. Consequently, many Americans may forgo purchasing their favorite pumpkin spice-scented candle this fall, among other optional fall purchases.

Trucco helps fight childhood cancer in September

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In recognition of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Trucco is proud to announce its Produce for Life 7 initiative, created in collaboration with Medrano Produce to benefit child cancer research at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.

Lime growers and wholesalers see quality benefits with Hazel

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Hazel Technologies, Inc., developer of USDA-funded AgTech products that protect and extend produce quality, is slowing the yellowing process of limes for lime growers and wholesalers across the United States.

ProduceIQ: Supply challenges keep prices up despite soft demand

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In response to a few fairly dramatic price increases, this week’s overall produce index is slowing its dramatic fall.

ProduceIQ: Overall prices fall during heat-driven volatility

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Overall industry prices are falling quickly into August and will likely continue through the month. That said, the ProduceIQ Index remains at a record high for week #31.

Tight lime market expected in August

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Lime prices are rising and may keep going as supplies become less available.

Peruvian lime exports keep growing

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Peruvian limes have seen steady growth and benefitted from health trends during the pandemic.

ProduceIQ: Heat is accelerating supply, softening prices

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Things are heating up; unfortunately, we aren't referring to the demand for fresh produce. From Dallas, TX, to Coachella, CA, temperatures reached record highs over the weekend.