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Peruvian lime exports keep growing

- International
Peruvian limes have seen steady growth and benefitted from health trends during the pandemic.

ProduceIQ: Heat is accelerating supply, softening prices

- Analysis
Things are heating up; unfortunately, we aren't referring to the demand for fresh produce. From Dallas, TX, to Coachella, CA, temperatures reached record highs over the weekend.

ProduceIQ: Abnormal weather with even higher produce prices

- Analysis
Week #20 coverage is brought to you by scorching heat, a freak snowstorm, and a megadrought.

ProduceIQ: Spring harvest flush eases prices

- Analysis
Overall market prices fell faster than your bank balance after buying a last-minute Mother’s Day Hallmark card.

ProduceIQ: Prices tested as spring crops begin

- Analysis
A massive heatwave in California and record-breaking spring snowstorms in the Northeast are fighting to spoil our Sunday afternoon naps.

ProduceIQ: Market in havoc after border inspections

- Analysis
Border restrictions in Texas, a fire at a major lettuce packing facility in Salinas, and a late snowstorm in the Northwest are all putting the industry on edge.

ProduceIQ: Markets soar with March Madness

- Analysis
What do fresh produce markets and college basketball have in common? They're both impossible to predict in March. Like skyrocketing lime prices and a 15-seed team that knocks out a 2-seed team in the first round, some things are unpredictable.

ProduceIQ: Lettuce prices soaring

- Analysis
If you are waiting for signs that the pandemic is over and produce life is returning to normal, look no further than the SEPC's Southern Exposure. The event was booming! The return of corporate buyers made for record attendance and superhero attitudes for this Marvel-themed party… eh hem… trade show.

ProduceIQ: Avocados resume, berries ripe for promotion

- Analysis
If it is true that “bad news is good news and no news is bad news,” then the avocado industry is doing just fine. Last week was quite a roller coaster for Avocados from Mexico.

ProduceIQ: U.S. avocado suspension may undermine Super Bowl lift

- Analysis
Last weekend the U.S. government suspended the import of all Mexican avocados “until further notice” after a U.S. plant safety inspector in Mexico was sent a threatening message, which will have significant economic impact for this $3 billion industry at its peak time of year.