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Ice hits desert lettuce again

- General News
Markon Cooperative reports the Arizona/California desert growing region is experiencing temperatures in the upper 20°s to mid-30°s this morning, causing widespread lettuce ice to form on lettuce and desert row crop items.

Lettuce: Mechanization and labor

- Analysis
A recent Rural Migration News article covers much more than the topic of the headline, “Alternatives to hand labor in lettuce.” Actually, it’s a great brief survey of today’s lettuce industry from dirt level.

Food Lion expands hydroponic offerings with Vertical Roots lettuce at 300+ stores

- Retail
Vertical Roots operates the largest vertical container farm enterprise in the country, with its headquarters and R&D center in Charleston, SC and farm sites in Atlanta, GA, Columbia, SC, and Charleston, SC.

Cold, ice hits desert growers again

- General News
Below freezing temperatures hit the Arizona/California desert growing region again this week, which will cause production delays.

Desert weather problems should push up prices

- General News
The continuing low temperatures in the California and Arizona desert growing regions will start to increase prices soon.

ProduceIQ: Prices lackluster, unable to overcome cautious buyers

- Analysis
While New York City bathed in balmy 60-degree temps, Southwestern growing regions shivered in the low 30's. If you thought that combination is a guarantee for high market prices, you'd be wrong.

Ice in desert delays lettuce harvest, packing

- General News
Below freezing weather in the California and Arizona desert areas is causing harvest and packing delays on lettuce varieties.

Balmy desert weather boosts vegetable yields

- General News
Growers in the Arizona-California desert growing region are experiencing ideal weather conditions with highs in the 80s this week, which is increasing growth and volumes.

The gambler’s crop is on a roll

- Analysis
Lettuce is sometimes called a gambler’s crop. If so, it’s been on a roll.

ProduceIQ: Prices are ‘stuffed’ on low yields and a strong Thanksgiving pull

- Analysis

You may have things to be thankful for this year, but fresh produce buyers are struggling …