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Lettuce growers recovering from heat in Huron, CA

markon huron lettuce

Markon Cooperative BB #:123315 released this Huron, CA lettuce update October 30, 2023:

Markon First Crop (MFC) Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine are sporadically available in Huron, California.

Markon Best Available is being substituted as needed. Huron lettuce supplies were affected by a recent heat spike, causing quality challenges such as:

  • Internal burn
  • Insect damage
  • Inconsistent weights
  • Long core/seeder
  • Large ribs/misshapen heads

The weather has cooled significantly; growers are expecting better overall quality this week. Huron supplies will remain available for another two to three weeks.

Markon inspectors will continue monitoring quality in Huron as well as other active growing regions such as Salinas, Oxnard, and the upcoming Arizona/California desert region.

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for further information.