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ProduceIQ: Produce markets prepare for Cinco de Mayo

- Analysis
Overall produce prices stick to the status quo. Prices are down -2 percent over the previous week, which aligns with previous trends for week #16.

ProduceIQ: Cucumbers hit record high prices

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From kayaking in one of the driest places on earth, Death Valley National Park, to 70-degree highs in places like Omaha, NE, and Chicago, weather is the most exciting thing to discuss.

Lettuce markets rising due to poor weather

- General News
Iceberg markets are up following reduced yields in the Arizona and California desert regions; green leaf and romaine prices are inching higher as well.

ProduceIQ: Heavy rain saturates West Coast

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California can’t shake the gray. The deluge and flood risk should lighten up by Tuesday, but there is a high chance of isolated showers continuing through Wednesday.

Controlled Environment Agriculture startup Hippo Harvest raises $21MM

- General News
Hippo Harvest says it out-competes traditional greenhouses in scalability and unit economics and is comparable to traditional outdoor-grown produce prices.

VIDEO: More desert rain and quality problems

- General News
Some of Markon Cooperative's Markon First Crop (MFC) Iceberg and Leaf Lettuce items are not available this week with Markon Best Available or packer brand are being substituted as needed.

D’Arrigo California now offers baby gem lettuce

- General News
D'Arrigo California, a 100-year-old farming company known for excellence in innovation, sustainability, and superior vegetable and leafy green growing practices, proudly introduces a new culinary masterpiece – baby gem lettuce, a premium offering under the esteemed Andy Boy label.

Church Brothers names VP of packaging procurement

- General News
Church Brothers Farms today announced that Amelia Firme has joined the company as vice president of packaging procurement

VIDEO: Low temps, ice hit desert crops, causing damage and delays

- General News
Cold temperatures and lettuce ice are developing in the Arizona/California desert growing region. Markon First Crop (MFC) Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine packs are available.

ProduceIQ: Cold weather freezes index prices at all-time high

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Winter is making up for lost time. Back-to-back storms Ember and Finn brought wintery weather to most of the United States over the weekend, including ice to lettuce-growing regions in Arizona and more rain for water-logged Florida.