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Misionero offers butter lettuce salad kits

Misionero celebrating 50 years as a pioneer in the organic industry

GONZALES, Calif. (October 16, 2023) – In the year 1973, a visionary named Floyd Griffin embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible mark on the world of fresh produce. With a profound passion for life and an unwavering commitment to the people who worked alongside him, he laid the foundation for what would become Misionero.

50 years later, Misionero BB #:339422 is a testament to his vision and has taken a bold step into the culinary world, introducing “Everything is Better with Butter” Salad Kits. Both kits are being introduced under Misionero’s Garden Life label. These curated kits reflect the company’s dedication to quality and innovation. Misionero brings you two new offerings that transform everyday meals into culinary delights, all with the crunchy richness of butter lettuce as the star of the show.

Buttery Green Goddess Salad Kit:

Start with a base of chopped Butter Lettuce, a delicate and tender variety that forms the perfect canvas for an array of flavors. Top it off with the Green Goddess Dressing, a zesty, herbaceous concoction that brings a burst of life to your salad. And here’s where the magic happens: the addition of Brioche Croutons and Crispy Onions adds a delightful crunch and a touch of savory richness that elevates this salad to gourmet heights.

Butter French Country Salad Kit: 

Featuring the same Butter Lettuce base, this kit introduces a different twist. The Ranch Vinaigrette brings a classic, tangy flavor profile that harmonizes beautifully with the richness of butter. Crumbled Croissant Croutons offer a hint of buttery decadence that only flaky croissants can provide, while Shredded Parmesan Cheese adds a satisfying depth to the dish.

As Misionero celebrates 50 years of excellence, it brings the best of salad days to your table. Stop by and see the new kits and other offerings at IFPA Global Booth #2181.

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About Misionero

Misionero, founded in 1973 by Floyd Griffin, is a leader in the organic specialty salad category. Misionero grows, harvests, produces, and packages high-quality, packaged salads and leafy greens grown year-round. Additionally, the company produces products sold under the Earth Greens Organic and Garden Life labels. For more information, visit