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D’Arrigo celebrates century of excellence

- General News
The major Salinas produce firm commemorates a century of excellence as a family of farming and wholesale companies

Arizona leafy greens season begins

- General News
Arizona governor Katie Hobbs has proclaimed November 2023 as Arizona Leafy Greens Month, marking the start of this year's lettuce season

Church Brothers hires procurement director

- General News
Church Brothers Farms announces that Martin Sotelo has joined the firm as senior director of raw product procurement (US/Mexico).

Misionero offers butter lettuce salad kits

- General News
The Gonzales, CA-based organic leaf greens producer is introducing new salad kits that feature butter lettuce.

Braga Fresh debuts chopped salad kits

- General News
Braga Fresh will debut a line of conventional chopped salad kits at IFPA's Global Floral and Produce Show in Anaheim, CA

Poisoned: A film review

- Analysis
I’ve watched the new Netflix documentary, Poisoned: The Dirty Truth about Your Food. Netflix said that this film was the fourth most viewed nationwide as of August 3.

GSA reports early season INSV infections reduced from 2022 levels

- General News
Possibly due to colder winter and spring weather conditions as well as mitigation strategies taken by farmers, pest and disease pressure associated with the Thrips-Vectored Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV) have lessened in leafy greens fields as compared to 2022. 

Pairwise introduces CRISPR gene-edited Conscious Greens into U.S. restaurants

- General News
Pairwise, a pioneering food startup, announced today the launch of its inaugural product, Conscious Greens, under its Conscious Foods brand.

Little Leaf Farms trademarks signature curve of its baby lettuce

- General News
Little Leaf Farms, the country's #1 brand of packaged lettuce sustainably grown through controlled environment agriculture (CEA), today announced it has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to officially trademark the biological morphology, aka shape, of its Baby Crispy Green Leaf lettuce.

Elevate Farms begins operations at first U.S. farm in Orange, ‎NJ

- General News
Elevate Farms Inc. ("Elevate" or "Elevate Farms"), a ‎tech-based vertical farming company focused on cost-effectively ‎‎growing leafy green vegetables at ‎mass scale, is pleased to announce the commencement of operations at its first wholly-owned US farm, ‎located in Orange, New Jersey ("Elevate New Jersey").